Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love Gravy

Dear Family,
Here are the answers to your questions.
Question #1: What was the best part of your Christmas Dinner?

The best part of Christmas dinner was the stuffing, I love stuffing... or maybe the gravy, I love gravy. (Mom's note: Who is this boy? Before his mission  he wouldn't touch stuffing or gravy.)

Question #2: What was the worst part of your Christmas Dinner?
There was no worst part about Christmas dinner, "I like food". Matt or Joey, I hope you know where I got that quote.

Question #3: What stands out most to you from our Christmas Day phone call?
The thing that stands out most to me from the phone call is... this strange little girl voice I heard in the background all the time. (Mom's note: That was 3 year-old Savannah.)

I as well almost gave up talking to you yesterday as well, it took about 15 minutes to finally get the call to go through with that calling card. I saved it for last so you would appreciate it even more, haha.

I believe Matt's shirt has his name on it disguised as a super letter. That background isn't our house is it? The trim and wall looks like our house, but the rest of it does not. What have you done to the house?! haha.

This week sure has been great, the recent church services have been especially good. We had a carol service with the nativity on Sunday and a carol service with some scripture reading on Christmas. The way I feel about going to church has completely changed. The members here treat us so well.

It has been very special to study the scriptures and watch the devotional and other videos about the birth of the Saviour. There is a very special spirit about it. I really love the Bible Videos that the Church is making, they just go through the scriptures like it is. I hope that we can continue to take advantage of this wonderful time when peoples hearts are softened towards the Saviour.

It's funny that yesterday I mentioned Brandon's pointy toed shoes in the phone call and then this morning I see that you wrote that in your email. I'm going to have look around some of the stores for a suit and shoes, this time of year they have the big sales. Don't count on me wearing them while I'm still here though. Have a great week!

Elder Larsen

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