Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baggy Suits and Frozen Face

Dear Family.

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What are the differences between Duston and when you were right in London (Lea Valley)?

In the actual Duston area there aren't many places to do proper street contacting. The place we go is the town center that isn't actually in our area, whereas Lea Valley had loads of places to go to street contact. Duston has a good size ward and many strong priesthood holders, Lea Valley had a smaller ward and very few strong priesthood holders. Duston is mostly British and Lea Valley is mostly African and Pakistani.

Question #2: What will you do if Matt is taller than you when you get  home?

I don't know. You'll just have to wait and find out... I've got secrets of my own. OK, no I don't, I just wanted to get you excited.

Question #3: Do you know what time you'll be able to call us on Christmas day?

I'm not sure exactly what time I would call. We will be at a member's home, so possibly I could call while my companion is on skype.

I still haven't seen the Elder that has the USB with the Book of Mormon video yet. When I see him this Thursday at our Zone Meeting I'll try to get the video and send it to you.

No need to fear, I have all my winter gear. It's funny you mentioned about the guy at the missionary store saying it is better for missionaries to buy clothes in their country to fit in with the style. I and, as far as I know, 3 other missionaries from the Summer 2011 groups are the only ones that haven't bought an English suit. Everyone loves that slim fit style. Personally, I don't see the sense in buying new suits when the ones you have are perfectly fine, even if in this country they are a bit baggy. Haha.

This last week has been really nice. We didn't have any meetings or anything so it was empty of distractions. For a couple of days it was very cold and the other days it wasn't too bad but rainy. I have to laugh at myself sometimes when it's cold, my lips are a bit numb so when I say things I have to either speak really slowly or sound funny. For example, saying, "We usually meet people in the library" can be a very hard thing to say with a frozen face. Town is really great this time of year, there's a couple bands and a few other stands doing really cool things. It does make it difficult to talk to people sometimes with all of the noise and hustle bustle, but people are nicer this time of year as well.

I've been reading Genesis and 1 Nephi this last week, I really enjoy it. Sometimes when I read the Old Testament I laugh. I'm thankful that the Book of Mormon exists for simpletons like me. I still find it really hard to understand why more people don't accept it as the Word of God. I know it's true and, reading it every day, I have a greater portion of the Spirit.

Paul is getting married! I really was a bad luck charm. (Mom's note: Since Andy has been on his mission two of his Larsen cousins have gotten married and six of his Hall cousins have gotten married and two more are engaged.)

Talk to you on Christmas! Our preparation day next week is on Wednesday, so I will email you then.

Elder Larsen

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