Sunday, December 16, 2012

Staying in Duston

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Are people more willing to hear your message with Christmas getting closer?

Hmmm, I suppose they are. So far in December we have had a bit more success in our finding efforts.

Question #2: How did your Zone's Book of Mormon story video turn out?

The video was quite amzing. Out of the 6 they showed, it was a clear cut best film. I was hoping I would be able to send it to you today but we didn't end up having district meeting yesterday so I couldn't get the usb. I will try to get it and send it sometime this transfer.

Question #3: What was a miracle you experienced last week?

Last Sunday we went to the Stake President's home for dinner. He and his wife asked us to find young men because there are 1.5 active young men in our ward (their son and a less active, both 15 years-old). We had the chance to tract for about an hour after that. Before doing so, we prayed to be led to a family with a young man. We knocked a few doors and on our way to the next, we stopped a lady walking her dog. She was previously investigating the church, is interested, and has a 13 year-old son. It was a miracle.

It is a new transfer tomorrow. There aren't any changes with me. I get to stay here in Duston ward for Christmas time. The members of the ward here are so great.

A while back we did service for the neighbor of a member with several members of our ward. Yesterday we were able to teach  her after having lunch with the members. It was really amazing to see the example that good members are to those around them. I hope it goes well. The lady (Joe) has had quite a difficult life. I know that the Gospel will help her. I shared with her the story of Joey snatching me up from the darkness and taking me to the rest of my family in the light. That's exactly what Jesus Christ came to do for us.

We had our Zone Conference last week. It made me laugh when we got invited as a mission to read the Book of Mormon front to back between now and General Conference. I was on page 240... All well, can't hurt to go over it all again. President Jordan sure knows a lot about Church History. I can't wait to learn more about that myself.

Christmas time is a great time of year to be out doing the Lord's work. People's hearts seem to be a bit more open to our message. It is also a very cold time of year, haha.

I saw a picture of Matt with Dave and they appear to be the same height, at least they did back in July. That would mean that he was my height as well. Scary stuff. My little brother is as tall as me, knows scripture mastery better than me....good thing I'm the ultimate ultimate player. Dave also mentioned that Matt is quite the speedy hiker.

Hope you guys continue to have a good Christmas time, I will.

Elder Larsen

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