Sunday, December 9, 2012

Smile and Set Lots of Appointments

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Who invited you over for Thanksgiving Dinner? Were they Americans?

It was an English family oddly enough. This ward has two amazing Sisters that rotate feeding the missionaries each year. Both are English. We had turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pie, etc. Very tasty thinking about it, haha. I have one  hour left in my fast.

Question #2: How did your Zone movie on a Book of Mormon story go?

We didn't actually end up doing it last Saturday but we are all meeting today to make one. We'll see what it is. Hopefully I can send it home.

Question #3: What was the spiritual highlight of your week?

We had our monthly zone meeting on Saturday. I prepared a training on Developing the Faith to Find. Part of it was having all the Senior Companions share their best finding miracle of their missions. It was great. We also set a goal for the Zone to smile when we find and to set lots of appointments. Later that day we were in town center talking to people, with huge smiles. I stopped this African couple. At first they started to walk away.
"Where are you from?" I said.
They replied, "Ghana."
Then I said, "A to sain." (How are you in Twii, pardon my spelling.)
The said, "Have you been to Ghana?"
"No, but I've served in London" I said. "Mei ding di Kwaku." (My name is...Kwaku is the name for people born on Wednesday.) "Yey fro sain?" (What's your name?")
They said their names.
Speaking to the man I said, "You remind me of my friend in London but he's 8 (convert in Lea Balley from Ghana). You're just like the 24 year-old version of  him. Are you 24?"
She said, "Yes!"
He said, "Magic."
I said, "When can we see you?"
...we will see them on Friday. All those great miracles and a smile on my face allowed my faith and excitement to grow, therefore the spirit was able to help us find.

Wow, mom, please don't sneak into our apartment. I'm afraid our dishes aren't spic and span either and Elder Klobcic is 26 and still not potty trained...haha. (Mom's note: I had told Andy how Heidi's first reaction to my surprise visit for her birthday was fear that I would see the unwashed dishes in her kitchen. Also, the joke about his companion was because I told him that I potty trained Savannah as part of my birthday visit.)

Matt, I can't believe there are ten teachers. I was still passing the Sacrament when I was 18, in fact I still pass it now most weeks at 20.

The rule on music is now changed, our mission rule is now just as the white handbook reads, which means BYU Vocal Point is approved.

I went on a couple of exchanges this last week and did a 2 hour blitz with another area. It was good fun to be with all fresh misisonaries for about 50 hours straight. The two exchanges were with 2 and a half month old missionaries, haha, and the blitz was with a month old. Everyone we talked to in the street stopped because they were just so cute, haha. The worst part was having to carry them around all day. New missionaries are great, they are a clean slate and just need some good examples and a little push.

The work is going on an upswing right now, I'm really excited.

We have our Zone Conference coming up about the Book of Mormon on Thursday. It's going to be great, especially since I've been plowing through it.

Hope you guys have a great week.

Elder Larsen

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