Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Heart's Forever Changed

Dear Family,
Question #1: What advice do you have for Devin and Michael as they get ready to leave on their missions?
Understand that your agency very much affects the agency of those around you, your companion, other missionaries, members, investigators, potential investigators, etc. Commit yourself to Heavenly Father from the beginning. Read the first paragraph on page 4 of the white handbook, "When You Accepted Your Call..." and the "Remember This" page on the back of Preach My Gospel. They will do great.
Question #2: How did the baptisms go on Saturday?
They went very well. The mother and her two children were both baptized and then confirmed on Sunday. They will really strengthen the ward. I love the spirit at baptisms, it is a wonderful chance to see the power of God manifest in that sacred ordinance.
Question #3: Are transfers this week? If so, how does it affect you?
Yes, this is transfers. Elder Birberg will be going home to Sweden, I will stay with Elder Montgomery here. Lea Valley 2 will open up again and it will have missionaries from Switzerland and South Africa.
Indeed, studying the Character of Christ is a lifetime pursuit. Even more so, at least for me, will be gaining that Character myself.
I was pondering the other day about the Savior and I came up with this quote, "He is the price that I can't pay." It sounds nice but I'm not sure if it is doctrinally correct. Maybe you can help me, Dad.
I read Romans 14:21 this last wee. It is a great scripture for the Word of Wisdom.
Yes, finally I have gotten around to getting a British driver's license. I took the Theory test, now I need to take 3 hours of driving with an instructor and take the Practical.
Sounds like it is a busy summer. I can't believe Michael already gave his farewell talk. The reunion already! Back in Hidden Springs. Matt, maybe you can get chased by crazy cows again. Catch a frog for me.
Yesterday was a great memorable missionary day. I got spit on (it was great because on Sunday I prayed that I could be persecuted for the sake of Jesus Christ), I ran into a guy just returning from Hong Kong that was almost baptized there, and then I ate some cow stomach and toes.
The Mission President switch will be happening this weekend as well as the rededication of the Hyde Park Chapel. That will make for a hectic week. We also have to prepare for Zone Meeting and make new Zone goals. Sometimes life as a missionary seems really busy but I'm just thankful that I don't have to worry about things like money, food, school, and all those other things that come with normal life.
The other day I was pondering my mission and a really good song from EFY was playing; it explains very well my thoughts thus far on my mission. "Sitting in this moment, I'm feelings things I've never felt before, my heart is beating in my chest, and I can't hold back my emotions anymore, and it's sweeter than I ever imagined. My faith is taking root, now that I've tasted the truth, my heart's forever changed, and I'll never be the same...It's written on my soul." That isn't exactly how it goes, but something like that. If you want to listen to it, it is Track 3 on EFY 2012.
Have a great week at the reunion. I love you.
Elder Larsen

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