Sunday, July 8, 2012

Miracle and Persecution

Dear Family,

Question #1: How was the rededication of the Hyde Park Chapel?

It was really good. Three Seventies bore testimonies, the Stake President gave a talk, President Kopishke gave a talk then dedicated the chapel. It was great.

Question #2: Have you met your new mission president yet?

Yes, he arrived on Saturday, he was at the dedication. We also had a Zone Meeting at 5:00 yesterday evening. It was a great 2 hour long meeting. They are great people. On his mission President Jordan was an assistant to President Faust who at the time was equivalent to an Area Seventy. It should be exciting. President Jordan resembles what I imagine Dad and Joey would look like if they were mixed together. His dad was in the Military. Something President Jordan quoted from Elder Eyring was that "missionaries are called more to a Mission President than to a Mission Area."

Question #3: Were both mission presidents there for the rededication of the Hyde Park Chapel?

President and Sister Patch were not there for the rededication.

Miracle- On Saturday we were at the church at 2:35 waiting for an appointment with Joyce that was meant for 2:30. We gave her a call and got no answer so we decided to go to our main finding are. On our way to the tube stop we were talking to people. We stopped a Romanian man who was interested and came to the church for a 25 minute lesson. We then set off again, locking up the church and the gate. Again on our way to the staiton we met a Romanian man (he lived in Spain for 10 years). He was losing his faith due to difficulties in his life. We helped him recognize that meeting us was God reaching out to him. He came to the church and we taught him a lesson. We locked up the chapel. "Third time's the charm, let's see if we can make it to the station." Ten steps away from the station we run into Joyce who was running late and her phone wasn't working properly. We proceeded to teach her. Heavenly Father loves her very much to help us stay near just at the perfect time. The stars aligned themselves.

Persecution- Last Wednesday, I think it was the same guy...swung a punch at Elder Montgomery, whisking his hair as he walked away and threw something at me, missed. Be careful what you pray for.

Guess what Matt, my legs are sore as well!

Are Abby's eyes like Eva's were? (Mom's note: If Eva's were enormous, then, yes.)

You made 22 pizzas at the Hall Reunion? Good thing I wasn't there, I would have had 2 to myself.

Devin leaves for his mission as the reigning champion of the Hallympics. This means I will have to await his return in 2014 to challenge him. By then Matt will probably beat us both.

I think in the coming years the Hall family is going to get very very big. Families are so amazing. Because of two great GRAND parents the world is so much a better place... especially Walsburg.

These coming weeks should be very exciting, there will be lots of things to keep track of. We will be setting new goals for this month, full of meetings, while doing all we can in our own proselyting.

It seems like every day I meet people who speak Spanish. I shrink when I think of the day I will stand before the Judgement Bar of God and be asked why I didn't learn it before my mission.

Things are going great.

Elder Larsen

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