Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Can't Wait To See My Mission Dad

Dear Family,

Question #1: What difference has the Olympics made the last few days?

It has had a very minor impact on us this past week. Just a few more people in our area from other countries and a few extras at church. We will see what  happens this week.

Question #2: What interesting experiences have you had talking to people who are in London for the Olympics?

I was able to go on an exchange to Stratford the day before the Olympics began. I talked to people from all over the place. It made me scared, there were video cameras all around. I made sure not to pick my nose or anything.

Question #3: You said missionaries in your Zone would be working at the Olympics 2+ days a week. What kind of work?

The missionaries go to Exhibition Road, near the Hyde Park Chapel, and talk to people. They give out mormon.org balloons, have badges for the country they are from, their bags have mormon.org on them with a scan for i-phones, the email program, etc. There will also be many events at the Hyde Park Chapel, and the sister missionaries will be in the Visitor's Center giving tours.

We had a surprise on Friday. We got a call from the office asking if we could be there in an hour to pick up a missionary waiting for a visa. We will be with him for 6 weeks until he goes to the MTC in Ghana for his mission in Sierra Leon. Elder Flament from southwest England is now with us in a trio. He's a great guy. They just tossed him in deep water, haha.

I just looked at the pictures you sent. Abby has huge eyes, Nunners' hair is twice as long as it was, and where on earth was that picture of Nunners with the medals taken? Haha. (Mom's note: In our new kitchen.) Don't even get me started on Marty.

I may be able to answer why you didn't see Elder Sikahema at President Patch's mission homecoming. His father is here doing some things for the Olympics and he is here as well. I haven't seen him yet but we have a Zone Conference today where his father will be speaking! I can't wait to see my mission dad.

The super hero name Masher fits you, Matt. You eat enough mashed potatoes to qualify. As far as your freckles exploding... did you want the cartoon show to be rated G for gross? Haha.

Wow, Joey, if you wouldn't have argued with your companion maybe you wouldn't have found that guy. Maybe I should argue with my companions more. Haha.

Thing are going great, our investigators are doing well, the ward here has been really good in helping us to fellowship them.

This week is going to be so great. Heavenly Father put Elder Fament here for a reason. His faith is so strong. New missionaries aren't deluded with bad habits and they don't have skills to pull them away from the Spirit. It will be a week of Miracles. It will sure start out right with the Zone Conference today. Thanks for everything.

Elder Larsen

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