Saturday, June 23, 2012

No Small Miracles

Dear Family,

Question #1: Does England have Father's Day?

Yes, it was yesterday as well.

Question #2: What is the scariest thing that happened to you last week?

It was a pretty lack of scary week. The scariest was when we were watching "The Testaments" and the bad buys were plotting to overthrow the government.

Question #3: What small miracles did you see last week?

Hmmm, we didn't really see any small miracles, I'll have to give you some big ones. President Patch interviewed 2 investigators for baptism and they are ready. The other two younger ones were also interviewed by another missionary and are ready to go. Yesterday a lady showed up at church that we talked to about 2 weeks ago.

Happy Father's Day Dad! Whenever I hear a motorcycle I remember speeding up the cliffs with you.

I think I should stay on a mission forever... everyone had such trouble getting married when I was home... I wonder why.

The kitchen looks just a wee bit different.

This week has been good. It was a missionary-packed Sunday. Elder Birberg and Elder Montgomery both gave talks, then I taught Gospel Principles because the teacher didn't show up. The ward is very excited about the missionary work. Lots of them will be coming to the baptisms on Saturday.

This morning we taught a man from Vietnam. He is a really nice guy, we won't see him for a while now because he is busy but we will see him in a week or two.

Right now we are teaching people from Ghana, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Uganda, Pakistan, China, Lithuania, and Romania. No one from England, haha.

Wow, Matt has an adam's apple.

I am always amazed at all the things there are to learn in the Gospel. Lately I have been studying the testimony of John and looking out for the character of Christ. When he raised up Lazarus he says, "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me... I say this not because I didn't know thou hearest me, but so those around me may believe" (along those lines) John 11:41-42 or so. He was always looking for opportunities to help others develop faith.

I hope everything goes well with all you have going on this week. I am excited to go out and do the Lord's work.

Elder Larsen

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