Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rely on the Lord

Dear Family,

Question #1: What do you do to motivate the missionaries in your Zone?

The missionaries in the Hyde Park Zone are great, they are taught correct principles and they govern themselves. The mission has many different goals that we help them to apply and accomplish.

Question #2: How many people are there in the Lea Valley Ward?

The ward has around 110 people or so, less than 10 youth, 5% British.

Question #3: What teaching experiences did you have last week?

We were able to take an investigator from Peru called Denci Baptista to the home of a Colombian member family. We had a good meal and the family shared their testimony of the gospel. She was touched. Denci is really solid and later helped us teach a man from Chile that speaks little English. She gave her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She will be baptized on the 23rd.

We have a mother and her 2 sons now that are very solid investigators also being baptized on the 23rd.

Thank you, Grandma Larsen, for your great faith and prayers.

Zone Conference was great, we were able to listen to President Patch, have a training from the Assistants and hear the departing testimonies of the giants of the mission. It really hit me during the meeting how much we need to rely on and trust the Lord. As to my strength, I am weak.

Again as a mission we will study the Character of Christ. I have found so much strength and change as I do this study. His character really amazes me. I find it so satisfying to be able to eminate that character as a missionary.

I really enjoy serving the Lord. I have realized how weak I am. I don't know very much but my foundation is strong. I hope that I can improve, I hope I can give the Lord the only thing that is really mine. I hope I can do as He did. I pray that I may act as if the Saviour were standing beside me. I hope I can be the missionary my mom thinks I am.

Elder Larsen

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