Monday, June 11, 2012

He Planted One On My Right Cheek

Dear Family,

Question #1: You mentioned you have been teaching some South Americans. How can they afford to live in expensive London? Do they have good jobs?

They have pretty good jobs, yes. In fact, Denci has been looking for a job since meeting with us the first time and she recently got a job to be a sushi chef in central London.

Question #2: Do you mostly do street contacting? Do you sometimes knock on doors?

Honestly, we mainly stand in front of the church and invite people to come have a tour and hear a short message. In London knocking on doors is pretty rare, there are always people to talk to on the street.

Question #3: What was your best meal of the week?

I was on a work-over in Hyde Park and we went to a Chinese Buffet. This was a very delicious meal.

I have once heard that story of the old lady who had to have the missionaries read her patriarchal blessing to her because she was nearly blind but had somehow been blessed to be able to read the Book of Mormon. It was an amazing talk.

Yesterday, on the Sabbath, we were walking down the road talking to people and I stopped a man. I talked to the man and he started bashing the Bible, etc. I ended the conversation, then he said, "I think you're a good person, and you are good looking, I want to kiss you." Then bam, he planted one on my right cheek. I smelled booze on his breath. I had been praying for a smack in the face... but not like that. (Don't worry, I wasn't reallly praying to be punched in the face, it just makes for a better story.)

Matt, I'm sure Youth Conference will be great.

Sounds like the house is giong to be turned upside down.

Today we had a Zone Meeting in Hyde Park. President and Sister Patch arranged it so they could give some departing words. It was just great to start the week that way. I am really pumped up to go do the work. Right now I am forcing my mind into denial about them leaving.

Things are going just great here in Lea Valley. We had a really good appointment with Denci yesterday helping her to be confident about her baptism. It can be really hard to make a change like that, family, friends, life-style, it must be a difficult transition. As a missionary I can be narrow minded and think, "None of that matters, just get baptized." When I put myself in the investigators shoes, I realize it would be a very difficult decision for me.

We have had another spell of rain for about the last week or two. Hopefully we get some of that sunshine again.

Have a great week.

Elder Larsen

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