Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zerefore, Beware of False Twinkies

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions. (Mom's note: Andy also asked the questions since we failed to come up with any this week.)

Question #1: Did you happen to meet someone this week who has been prepared to receive the Gospel?

Actually yes. We were talking to people in the town centre (yea centre), we stopped a man and set an appointment to see him, then went to catch a bus to a village. We jumped on the bus, and so did he, we sat together and talked more. Turns out he lived in Colorado for 30 years, knew some members, and wants to teach me how to make yorkshire puddings. We taught him last week and it went well, and we will see him again this week. Good question.

Question #2: Did you like your Birthday presents?

Why yes I did. The Peanut Butter M&M's (aka Bruv Bits) are gone, as are the juicy bugs, half of the jerky, some of the fake twinkies (aka Squidgy Crumpets) . . . (by the way, isn't that one of the signs of the second coming, that twinkies would be taken away? And also beware of false twinkies? The world is really making a turn for the worse), I also have dipped into the war heads and am saving the rips for good time.

Question #3: Tell us something funny about your companion.

Well it's not really a question, but sure. In French they do not have the "TH" sound. Zerefore it is difficult for him to speak correctly. We have fun in language study practicing. We have been working on the statement "Thus saith". Here are some examples. "Zus Sais" "Thuth Thaith" "Zus Saith" etc. Everyone loves his French accent, but he wants to get rid of it. Lots of the more experienced sisters at church mention how great his accent is, he gets embarrassed and I laugh.

It was a good week. Just about every day we jumped on the train or a bus to explore the area. We had a few very special experiences in which we were blessed to be able to give people comfort. More than once we knocked on the door of someone that was grieving for something and shared our message of hope. They may not get baptized now, but it's just good to be able to brighten their day.

Yesterday we were sharing our testimonies with members about the restoration and we got talking about the need for a living prophet. In quite a few instances the Bible touches on something but doesn't give much explanation. Such as: baptisms for the dead, Christ being baptized to fulfill all righteousness, Christ preaching to spirits in prison, how do you baptize and who can baptize, etc. I'm very thankful for the restoration. Only with revelation from God could everything be brought to light. I can't wait to attend a General Conference session live.

Transfers is next week, this one was 7 weeks long to fit in with the MTC or something. The next one will be 5 weeks.

We are going to go to a store to print off photos, then I will post them to you. Get well soon.

Elder Larsen

Mom, I asked Elder Whittaker about what church book I should read first when I get back, he told me to get "The Story of the Latter-Day Saints". If you could get that for me, that would be great.

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