Monday, February 25, 2013

I Can't Believe I'm 21 Tomorrow

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Have you received your birthday package?

Yes I have received my birthday package, thank you very much.

Question #2: Since when can you make tortellini with cheese sauce and since when do you like such a thing?

Since I learned how to take tortellini out of a package, put it in
boiling water, and served with a Slovenian companion. At first the cheese was a bit overpowering for me, but over time I grew to love it.

Question #3: What is a memorable moment of the week?

It was amazing when we went to teach a less-active lady of the
branch that is starting to come back. She offered to say the opening
prayer, and just after it she said, "I have this feeling that we are
going to talk about the word of wisdom today." I whipped out my
planner and showed her the planning we did for her the day before
which was... the word of wisdom! In the few weeks we have been
teaching her she has changed a lot.

Paul is married, wow. The pictures are really strange. The picture of
the Brooks grandchildren has some random blond haired boy on the left.
Matt must be wearing high heels, and Lisa will be in trouble for
picking up some random kid.

This last week has been nice. Heather and Allan were gone for their
half term break, we talked with their parents and tonight we should be
okay to set a date for them to be baptized. The less-actives we work
with are making a lot of progress. I don't know if I mentioned that
Elder (David) Whittaker has co-authored some books, and knows loads
about church history, but he does. We have had a few opportunities to
ask him some questions and what not, it's great.

Elder Delannoy and I gave talks again, it was fun. I reached in my
pocket to read a quote, and it wasn't there, haha. The last two weeks
we have been meeting in the library of the school rather than the
hall, it's a bit different. I love to see the dedication of the
members here, it's definetely not a 2 minute walk to a nice chapel.

I can't believe I'm 21 tomorrow.

Joey, shape up, haha, for every hour of board games you play this week
you need to do 15 minutes of exersize. When I go running for my
exersize in the morning it wakes me up and makes me more alert
throughout the day.

My talk was "Love Thy Neighbour". I love you guys. If I've said or
done something in the past that hurt you, please forget. If I meant it
then, I certainly don't mean it now. I know that the Atonement is

Elder Larsen

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