Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thirst For The Gospel


Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.
Question #1: Is your companion a good French cook and are you learning from him?

Hmmm, Elder Delannoy is pretty good at cooking, but I have produced our favourite meal. Tortellini with blue cheese sauce. I think I've learned all of his secrets already.

Question #2: Is the sea breeze in Clacton freezing you?

The breeze is a bit chilly, the weather lately hasn't been too bad, but as of late it is getting cold again.

Question #3: How are your investigators doing?

The few investigators we have are doing quite well, they have struggled to come to church for various reasons, but this week they should be able to. This week we should set a couple of baptismal dates but it depends on approval from their father.

I have never met a girl called Ebenezer in my life. (Mom's note: I came across a female from Northampton in the 1800's who was named Ebenezer.)

The senior couple, Elder and Sister Whittaker, have arrived here in Tendring to labour with us in the field. It is very exciting. They are from Orem, he was a Professor at BYU in Church History and she was an administrator there. The Branch is very excited, as are we. I am very excited to learn from them.

The main thing that sticks out over this last week is my thirst for the Gospel. I keep finding myself reading an Ensign or the scriptures in any spare time I have. I think this week, after learning so much, I ought to work a bit more on applying all of it, that's always the hard part.

Zone Conference was yesterday, which was really nice, we talked a lot about the B word. As missionaries we need to pray, think, talk, and eat Baptism. Ok maybe not eat. The Stake President of our Stake spoke to us there as well. It was amazing to see the impact his parents being converted made to the church. From 2 to 50 or something like that.
I don't know if I told you about the GAP trainings we do now. We study a principle from Preach My Gospel, memorize a scripture for it, and then practice 2 minute drills teaching our companion. For the second time in a big missionary meeting President picked on me to go up in front of everyone to do one. Haha, that was fun. It helped me remember how much Heavenly Father helps me overcome my fears.

Missionaries keep reminding me that my mission is heading to the end, haha, "naa, I have about a year left".

Thanks for the great support.

Elder Larsen

P.S. Sorry for writing so late, we had a district p-day and our train got back just as the library closed and there is not another place to email. 

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