Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm Happy to Be A Missionary

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.
Question #1: Has your investigator taught you how to make yorkshire puddings yet?

I have not yet learned how to make yorkshire puddings.

Question #2: About how many people do you approach each day?

Not too sure, probably around 100. In some areas like Lea Valley, it was probably more like 300+.
Question #3: Did transfers bring any changes for you?

Nope, it's still me with Elder Delannoy.

That's great that John had a baby, it seems like it's been ages since a few people I know have had babies... hint hint.

Last week was great. We have started a Book of Mormon study class on Wednesdays and a Branch FHE on Mondays. I like listening to Elder Whittaker talk, I learn lots of new things from him.

We had a couple of great moments this last week in our work with less-active members. One night we got a call from a sister saying that she invited a neighbor to meet with us and he accepted, then later she invited another, we will see them this week. Another Brother in the branch invited a friend of his to our FHE, it's great.

We have been teaching Alan and Heather still, and it looks like they will be baptized this month, which is exciting. We made them a calendar to prepare them for baptism giving them tasks every day, and it has worked great. We celebrated Alan's birthday with them last week, he's 12. Matt, I use my funny joke with them when I say "Hi Alan!" while I'm looking just to the side of him. It's too much fun. I also thought of a new funny thing that I'll have to show you 'eye to eye', haha.

I'm happy to be a missionary, I want to keep focused. People always said that the mission goes by fast, and that has been true for me. I love to wear the Saviour's name on my badge, and also our family name. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. The Gospel is true.

I like the fake twinkies, I just wanted to make a funny joke, haha.

The pictures will be printed today, I will post them within the next couple hours.

Thanks a Billion.

Elder Larsen

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