Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zone Leader

Dear Family,

Question #1: What are your responsibilities as a Zone Leader? (You were secretive and didn't tell us but President Patch wrote to us.)

Hmmm, it must have been a mistake. If I was Zone leader, I would go on work-overs with all the missionaries in the Zone, report the numbers and how the missionaries are doing to the Assistants, set goals to help the Zone improve, work with the Stake, and so forth.

Question #2: Is the Hyde Park Chapel in your area?

Nope, but we often go down there for work-overs, meetings, and p-days.

Question #3: What approach are you using these days?

What I say often changes, I like to mix it up so it doesn't get routine. This past week I have been asking people what their favorite food is and asking them why Jesus Christ was widely rejected.

Oh no, you're letting Matt sleep in my room? Only if he wears my Tim Duncan jersey and roots the Spurs on for their games. Haha.

Matt, I think if your super power is to have your freckles explode that would be amazing. Just make sure when I am watching the show I have an empty stomach.

Today we are going to Hyde Park to play some ultimate frisbee!

Dad, whenever I see big motorcycles riding down the road I imagine us cruising up those mountains.

Things are going really well here in Lea Valley. I had my first Lea Valley Ward Sacrament Meeting since I have been back, it was great. I was able to see some old faces and the ward seems really excited with us missionaries.

Having three missionaries is great because we can really divide our focuses to make sure to get the best results. For example, this week I will be in charge of getting members involved in the work, Elder Birberg will confirm all our appointments before we see them, and Elder Montgomery will be doing the Area Book and inviting people to church.

This week we should be doing some splits with members of the ward, that way we can get more things done and make use of our trio.

It is really exciting to be with these great missionaries, we really build each other up. Elder Birberg has just 4 weeks left and is keeping up well.

This Wednesday is Zone Conference, this will be very great. I am always excited for these wonderful meetings. President Patch is always very inspiring. This will also be his last Zone Conference. Lots of the missionaries who were the young missionaries when I came in will also give their departing testimonies.

Thanks be to God. Have a great week, I love you.

Elder Larsen

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