Monday, May 7, 2012

Police, police!

Dear Family,

Question #1: How did that picture of you end up in the Ensign?

Elder Krebs (Zone Leader) had a member of the church take a picture of our Zone the day of General Conference and sent it in.

Question #2: How was your tour of St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey last week?

We ended up only going to Westminster, we were able to go to a 45 minute service. It was really great. There are quite a few famous people buried there, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, very interesting. The service was really nice, the choir they had was great. We also saw the most amazing toy shop I have ever seen, 5 or 6 stories just full of amazing toys and workers doing really amazing things.

Question #3: What's the most humorous experience you had last week?

Not really a funny story, but an interesting one. There we were knocking on doors, not far from where we live, at the high street. As we are walking to the next door I glance across the street and see a couple police officers walking with 3 guys in hoods. One guy in a hood had a big metal pipe, probably 3 feet long with a radius of 5 inches. The officer says something to him. I think, "That is a bit weird", but just move on to the next door. Right as I knock, SMASH, "Police, police!" I looked across the road and they had smashed the door down and run in. Was an interesting experience.

Marty looks like he is going to destroy Matt, haha, we see where his loyalties are.

So, Matt is blooming into an All-Star. I'll have to work on my moves... or we could just have a stand up all day and walking contest, haha.

This has been a great week. We got a wonderful new investigator called Jaime from Ecuador. We set a baptismal date with him for June 17th. He is just great, he wants to change his life.

We had Stake Conference yesterday, it was really great. They reorganized the counselors in the Stake Presidency so there was a seventy from the Area Presidencey, Elder Texeira. President and Sister Patch were there as well and gave brief testimonies. I love to listen to President Patch speak, it makes me so excited. I know that he is called of God. He spoke on the emotions of the gospel. Some emotions leave when we gain understanding but some never leave such as his (and my) amazement for the love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for us. I can't believe he is going in 7 weeks.

It has continued to be rainy and cold here and is supposed to stay that way this week. Where is summer? Haha.

Things are starting to get crazy here. Soon a bunch of the veteran missionaries will be going home. It should be an interesting shake up this summer. Missionaries going home, President Patch leaving, President Jordan coming in, and the Olympics. I am happy to be in the Best Mission in the World.

I hope you guys have a great week, remember I've been out about 6 months. (Mom's note: He wishes. It's actually been a year.)


Elder Larsen

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