Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to Lea Valley

Dear Family,

Question #1: What was your favorite part of the Mother's Day phone call?

I really liked it all. Matt sounds a bit different. It was funny to talk to Joey about him being smooched on his mission.

Question #2: Is Elder Young's accent pretty different being from Wales?

Elder Young's accent is really quite mild, he lived a bit of his life in England and Northern Wales and is relatively English sounding. He has a mild English accent.

Question #3: What was the most inspirational thing that happened last week?

Last week we met a guy from the Phillipines who knew a bit about the Church when he was back home but his parents are Catholic and didn't want him to join. Now that he is here, we talked to him on the street and taught him a lesson and he asked what he has to do to be a member. We set a date for his baptism.

After talking to you guys on the phone, it was so great, I really miss your voices. Yesterday I talked to President Patch and I'm going home. Not.

The name of the Ukrainian Elder in the Ensign picture that Ammon Weser met in Czech Republic and Kai Weser met in the MTC is Elder Boysuk. He came in the field the same time as me, but was in the MTC for 9 weeks in Provo.

The time here in Wembley has been good, I have really enjoyed the people here, the mixed culture is very good. I love to see the truths that are all over the place. I will have to study more about other cultures and religions.

This past Sunday, as I mentioned on the phone, there was a baptism of a man called Jan Naziri that was great to see. He bore his testimony with his very broken English, the Spirit was very strong. After his baptism, I think he will be very well welcomed in the ward.

I am so excited to return home to Lea Valley... I will be going back there and will be in a trio. One companion, Elder Bierberg is from Sweden. The other, Elder Montgomery, is from the U.S., not sure what state. I am excited, it will be quite interesting to go back there.

I can't believe Emma was lucky enough to be mugged with a knife, Dad was lucky enough to get stabbed in the hand, and Joey got the headbutt/punch combo. When do I get my story to tell?

Thanks for all you do, you make me happy.

Matt, do you still say "Peace to ya"?

Elder Larsen

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