Monday, March 5, 2012


Dear Family,

Question #1: What did you like best about the Tower of London?

Well, we were not able to go inside. It looks really nice and I took a few nice pictures around it. It is also right next to Tower Bridge, that was great to take some good pictures at. We got some really good pictures. Oddly enough there are two pictures where I look actually a lot like Matty boy. I never noticed any resemblance in any of us brothers but now I start to see some with all of us.

Question #2: Do you need your camera memory card back?

Yeah, that would be good. I have some other pictures on my other one from last week that I will send once I get that one back.

Question #3: How does the London accent compare to the one in Southend and Cambridge?

Ummm, it is hard to tell, most of the people here are from the Middle East or Africa, but the English around here is slightly more posh than Southend but much less posh than in Cambridge.

It has been a good week, the weather has really improved and some days last week we didn't even need our winter coats. Some crazy things have happened with investigators, but what doesn't make you pass out or wet yourself makes you stronger.

Zone Conference last week was very good. We watched a video about a guy named Billy Peck. He was a real go getter who would never give up. If he was asked to do something he wouldn't stop till it got done. It was a really funny old video, you should try to find it and watch it. The Assistants gave a training on attitude, it was very good. I love what attitude does in mission work. Having a great attitude changes everything.

I cannot wait for the good old days when I can wear just a white shirt out finding. We are approaching that blessed time.

I am getting to the point where I feel quite confident in my missionary skills and now I want to work on the inner things. Sometimes it can be hard to have a good balance. This coming transfer I want to really work on putting my unique attributes more into my work. The first lesson on George Albert Smith talks about his creeds, I want to come up with some personal creeds to focus on for my mission and my life.

Sounds like things went well with the move, that is good news. Sometimes I look at the picture of me putting Nunners (Andy's niece, Savannah) in my bag and dream about what missionary work would have been like if I had brought her. Oh the success and great fun that would be. I could train her to say, "Hey!" and tap people on the leg. They would all stop and then I could swoop in and invite them. If they walked away I would train her to make a very sad puppy dog face. Hahaha, that would be good times.

I bet you are wondering why the title of this email is Wembley! Well, I will be moving to a new area called Wembley, 30 minutes west of here, in Zone 4 of London. Crazy stuff! Our flat will be 5 minutes away form Wembley Stadium, 5 minutes away from a tube station and about 5 minutes from the church. Wow. President Patch informed me that we only cover about 2 million people in this area.

My new companion is from Whales. He came out at the same time as Elder Mahendran. I think he has been in Wembley for 3 months already. It sounds like it will be a great area. Sometimes I feel a bit spoiled by the Lord, I am getting a lot of very good areas.

I don't know if they will have much of anything for the Olympics in Wembley but they most likely will have Soccer Matches there. If I stay there a while that should be interesting. I hear on game nights it is pretty difficult to get much sleep. Haha. And also just after games isn't the best time to street contact since it isn't exactly the most sober crowd. Haha.

The new companion is called Elder Young. Maybe I will get a good UK accent serving with him.

Love you guys alot,

Elder Larsen

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