Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back to 130 Lbs

Dear Family,

Question #1: Do you see preparations for the Olympics going on in your part of London?

Umm, I don't know if it is just for the Olympics or not, but they are doing quite a bit of construction around our area. They are building a civic center and some other big buildings now. They also have a sign that they are building a huge shopping mall but it is due to be finished in late 2013.

Question #2: Have you found a two bedroom flat for missionaries yet?

No, but I just got called about a flat while reading this email, hopefully we see it today or tomorrow and it is good.

Question #3: What investigators do you have now?

We are working with a few investigators. We have 3 that are very good and others that vary in progression. Samuel and Cortney will be baptized this Saturday. Samuel was supposed to be baptized last Tuesday but the boiler for the water wouldn't work. He didn't want to be baptized in the cold water so he will be baptized after it is fixed. We also teach Ronald who is very good, Catholic background. We need to reschedule his baptismal date. He just can't really come to church now because of his job. He works for a member along with another member who works for her too. Both members come to church so he works Sunday. We need to talk to the member to see what we can work out. This week we are putting all our efforts into finding someone who will be baptized in April.

How tall is Matthew right now? (Mom's note: It sounds like some comments about Matt's height in our letters are making him curious.)

Do they really expect Devin to come into this mission? (Mom's note: We thought Andy would realize that it was only wishful thinking that made us expect that one of his favorite cousins would get called to his mission.)

Did Joey serve in (I will just spell it like it sounds since I have no idea how to spell it) My-your-ku? (Mom's note: It's spelled Mallorca, and yes, Joey did serve there.) We went to a member's home and her mom was here from Spain. She said she does remember a missionary that looks a bit like me.

It has been a good week, hectic at times but great. The work is going pretty good. Elder Young continues to wear me down. I am going back into my pre-mission weight. I am now just under 130 lbs.

Our investigator called Ronald is being called by Jehovah's Witnesses and one of these days we may go with him to their Kingdom Hall. He is a really good investigator.

It is a wonder why not many others teach to pray to receive answers. Sometimes people will ask how we can know what we share is true at such a young age. It is through prayer. Without it no one could really know, for you "cannot know spiritual truths without prayer." That is one of the strong indications of the truthfulness of this message. Don't take our word for it, take Heavenly Father's.

Just yesterday we had some really good talks with a Muslim man and a Hindu lady, I love to learn from others and share what I know.

Have a great week!

Elder Larsen

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