Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Baptisms

Dear Family,

Question #1: What do you think of how tall Matt has grown from the pictures we sent?

Well from the pictures he must be 6 foot 6... But from my logical 2+2 brain, I would say 5 foot 7, and from the looks of it, 91 pounds.

Question #2: What have you learned from your companion?

Elder Young is amazing. I remember seeing him when he first came (the same time as Elder Mahendran) and the change is amazing. He is a really good guy, he knows the gospel is true. He is a great listener and I am trying to learn from that and do the same to discern the needs of investigators.

Question #3: What was the highlight of your week?

It has been a good week and the 2 baptisms finally happened. The water was warm indeed. We did some door knocking around the chapel and it seemed to work pretty well. One guy we teach, if you look out his back door it's the back of the chapel. I think it is a good area to find people because it is so near.

I got the package, it was really funny. My Zone Leader made fun of that picture on the Pringles. Fish and Chips, Chip Chap Chips, Blimey Bar, very good. The ties were very good as well.

Yesterday for England was Mother's Day so that was a good church service. Elder Young called his mother. It's a bit sad for them over here, haha, call in December then in March. It was less than 3 months apart.

This week I have noticed the silly things the Devil uses to keep people from the truth. So many times we have a good talk with someone or are teaching them then they hear that we are Mormons and it's like a brick wall. But hey, he can only nip at our heels but we can bruise his head.

Well, now I head into Central London for a good old time, not sure exactly what we will do, but we'll figure something out.

Have a great week. I'm so excited to see Devin's call! Which reminds me, I wrote a letter last week and still haven't sent it! Uh oh.

Love you,

Elder Larsen

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