Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Love Prophets

Dear Family,

Question #1: Were your birthday treats smashed after their journey across the ocean?

The Pringles were the only thing that took a bit of damage. Everything else was in tip top shape. They sell some goldfish at a place called Azda (Walmart in England) and the American ones are way better. Those were delicious treats. Those ties are some of my faves too.

Question #2: What attitude do the British have towards Americans?

It varies, some think we are the greatest invention ever, others say they let us win the war and we were just the peasants so they didn't want us. I got a pamphlet that said America is the Babylon talked about in Revelations. Overall it is a pretty good response.

Question #3: What was your best experience finding someone to teach last week?

Last week we received a referral from the Manchester Mission. It was a great referral of a guy that had a doctor from Salt Lake City. We are teaching him now. He has depression, his medications don't work, but reading the Book of Mormon does. He is so excited to learn. Solomon is his name and he's from Pakistan.

I am very excited about Conference. Yesterday I was able to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting about Prophets. It was great to talk about a topic like that. I love Prophets. I read an article from an Ensign of President Hugh B. Brown having a conversation about modern day Prophets with a man who didn't believe there was one on the earth. It went something like this:

HBB: "Why doesn't God speak to us? Well, God used to speak to us in the past, maybe he doesn't now because he lost the power to do so."

Man: "Of course that would be blasphemous."

HBB: "Well then, maybe God simply doesn't love us anymore."

Man: "God loves everyone and he is no respecter of persons."

HBB: "Well, if you won't accept those reasons, then it must be we just don't need him anymore. We have made such advances in science that we no longer need him."

The man started shaking at the thought of impending war, "Mr. Brown, if ever there was a time we needed to hear God it is now. Do you mind telling me why he doesn't speak?"

HBB: "He does, we just need faith to hear him."

It was a really good article. It helps me understand better how to teach investigators about Prophets as well. Giving the talk definitely raised my excitement for Conference. I hope it did for everyone else too.

Ahh, the days of playing Kombat in the sun. Sounds like you guys are having a good time. I was just looking at the picture of us at the Dirty Devil river covered in mud and thought of playing some great Work Up on the river. I'm just saving up for a while to have some amazing splash offense.

I am constantly amazed at the promise that we will be given what to say in the very hour and very minute we need them. We had a busy week so I ended up preparing my talk Sunday morning with a prayer in my heart. I felt that God helped me to inspire others. I remember a talk I gave in Lea Valley, I was sitting on the stand and the spirit prompted me to give a totally different talk than was planned. Amazing how the spirit can work.

Next Monday we will be moving flats. I looked at the flat last week and it is very nice. Sadly, it is farther away from Wembley Stadium so we will have to change our running spot. I think we will still make a run around Wembley stadium once a week to keep the tradition.

I hear you, Dad. My feet, shoulders, and back hurt most days because of walking. I must be getting old as well. As a missionary when I come home totally drained, in a way it makes me happy. It feels good to know you are working hard. Sadly, I have had very few moments when I came home and wasn't worn out at all. I don't like that feeling.

Things are going great here in Wembley. I am excited to pack a bunch of things in the flat to prepare for next Monday and probably do some extra study. I am nearly done with marking all 5 lessons in Preach my Gospel in the new Scriptures as well as marking the ones I find during my study of the Scriptures.

Random - Elder Young also knows his Pokemon so he and I yesterday evening listed all 150 original Pokemon. Because of Paul tutoring me on them, I was able to win the race.

Love you guys, hope everything is proper posh,

Elder Larsen

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