Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Your Mouth

Dear Family,

Did you know that Joseph Smith was 14 when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ! And my little brother is now 14! Amazing. Happy birthday! This is a great age to pray and receive a witness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love you, and I can't wait to hear from you on your mission and think of how rubbish I was.

Here are the answers to your questions:

Question #1: Are you fluent in Italian yet?

To be honest I don't ask Elder Biondi too much Italian, because he is learning English and I just want him to focus on that. I suppose I could look in his MTC book to learn though. He taught a lesson yesterday to an Italian girl, in Italian. I understood a lot of what he taught, but that's probably because he taught something that I know front to back. The Restoration. I did, however, understand a decent amout when they were talking about Italy and whatnot.

Question #2: Have you noticed any cultural differences with Elder Biondi?

Well, we get in arguments quite a bit over McDonalds. Being an Italian, he lies to himself, saying that McDonalds is rubbish. Thinks his Italian food is superior. Haha, funny guy. We still go to McDonalds once or twice a week and use the coupon on the back of bus passes. I collect all that I find on the ground. . . 1.99 pounds for a big mac and fries.

Question #3: What advice do you have for Matt as he starts going to Timpview High School?

Well, Tina the fat lard, Timpview is a time to start fresh. As you go to a new high school with many new people, from the first moment you should take a step out of your comfort zone and talk to people. Never let people lower your standards or spend a lot of time with those that bring your standards down. Take seminary seriously. When we find and talk to people on the street, we call it OYMing. To OYM is to Open Your Mouth. It is amazing what it does. Like everything else, practice makes perfect.

This week we had Zone Conference, which is when we meet with 2 zones, the President, and the AP's. Quite amazing. We practiced a lot of things to improve teaching, such as, spirit pause, and asking inspired questions. As a companionship we have already seen our teaching quality increase as we apply the things we learned. I love listening to president talk, the guy is amazing. He inspires me to always be obedient and to continue in working hard and being bold.

Ting Ting, the Chinese girl I talked about, is being taught now. She leaves in about 1 week. I asked president what his opinion was on baptism for her. He said we should invite her to be baptized before she leaves so she can attend a branch in China. Tomorrow is the day we push it as hard as we can to be baptized next Sunday. I am praying so hard that she will. I know she is ready, she's a great investigator. I just hope that she sees that as well.

Right now we are starting to see a small indication of big increase of success. Yesterday, with church and a lot of meetings, we were only able to be out working for about 4 and a half hours. Yet, in that time, we got 3 new investigators. All of them we will see again tomorrow or Wednesday.

Elder Biondi is progressing a lot now, he is much, much more bold now, and stops a good amount of people.

Hopefully today I'll get some time to take pictures in town with the colleges and things to send you.

I love this work, and I cannot believe that I have been out 4 months now. It goes by much too fast. I sent a letter to Elder Sikahema, which he may not get for a long time because they are on vacation, and when his parents get back they'll have to send it to him at BYU. I told him to come for dinner sometime. He can tell you how rubbish I was, and about #1 and #2.

Yes, rubbish is my new favorite word.

Love, Elder Larsen

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