Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Are you a Senior Companion now since your new companion has been out even less time than you?

Yes, I am the Senior Companion.

Question #2: What have you learned about your new companion, Elder

He is from Genova, Italy. His mother became a member sometime around 15 to 21 ish and served a mission where she met and baptized his future father. . . sketchy. . . haha. So he has been a member his whole life. He was the president of the YSA Center in Genova, so that should help us as we try to get a center here in Cambridge. He speaks very little English, and unfortunately had a not so good trainer.

Question #3: When transfers come how do you hook up with your new companion?

I went to the Mission Office to get my new companion. Mostly you go to the office unless your companionship is the same.

Ahhh, well today I have little time to write, sorry about that. Crazy things that happened this week were: I gave two blessings, one to a guy recovering in the hospital, and one when I confirmed Prasna from Nepal. That makes my second and third blessings ever.

We are working really hard. Although my companion didn't have the best transfer ever for his first, he still has the desire to work. Thank goodness. I have such a hard time when people want to waste time or be disobedient in any way. Today we had Zone Meeting. It was quite good, we had some good trainings and got to see a lot of other missionaries. The mission just shipped in a whole lot of new rules which doesn't bother me. It will help me keep focused.

One Miracle that happened last week was:

We were walking down Kings Parade finding (Kings Parade is the street with colleges on it so there are many people) when all of the sudden, "Elders!" We turned around and a girl came up to us and started talking with us. Turns out she is a member from a place one hour away and hasn't been to church in a year but wants to come now that she will be living in Cambridge. We gave her our details because she was working. You see, she had run out of work when she saw us. On Sunday she came to church and enjoyed it, and will be living with members here until she finds an apartment to live in. It was fantastic.

Got to go. . .

Love you lots,
Elder Larsen

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