Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Family,

Question #1: What came of the three investigators you found last Sunday?

We saw one again and taught her but now she goes back to Italy, another we will see this Wednesday at the church to teach with a member, and the other amounted to nothing.

Question #2: How do you and your companion divide up the work such as approaching people on the street, teaching lessons, etc?

Let's see, we sort of take turns, he is still quite new and learning the language so I stop a few more people on the street. Right now I am letting him teach the lesson and I just cut in to testify or to say something he forgot. Also I usually have him answer the phone and make more calls so that he can learn more. He outdoes me when it comes to dinner. The guy deserves a big hug for all the pasta he cooks me, good stuff. He is learning a lot and I am trying to run the area and teach him as best I can.

Question #3: What is the weather in Cambridge like these days?

The weather is a bit colder and rainier than previously. Elder Biondi wants to buy some winter clothes today. Haha.

Matt, you are totally right, home teaching is something that should not be taken lightly. You will help the people a lot. When you prepare the lesson you should actually make a proper lesson plan and invite them to do something as well. You are going to be the best missionary ever.

Dad, that is terrible that you can't go riding or weight lifting in a while. (Mom's note: Joe had 2 teeth pulled last week.) At least you got a couple good rides in beforehand. I was talking to Elder Biondi about our dirt bikes today, and just imagined riding up the cliff. Not quite as fun as the real thing. Haha.

Mom, I hope you always remember that way across the ocean you have a son who loves you and is thankful for your hard work and dedication to teaching him the gospel and good values. I feel so lucky to have been put in a situation where I have such high standards. I see so many missionaries struggle with obedience and for me, honestly, it's natural. Have a great week!

Lisa, you have a proper job now, that's like $90 a day, good grief. In two days you make as much money as I live off here in the UK. Fine, not really. The flat is 700 pounds, the travel is 66 pounds, and the food etc is 110 pounds, but still, that's a lot. Sometimes I wonder why the church doesn't just shut down this mission and use all the money on other things. Haha. I know why. . . Because it's the best mission in the World! (No doubt. Don't argue about that.) This mission is 2nd to Tokyo for most expensive. The flat that the AP's and a couple other Elders live in costs like 2200 pounds in South Kensington. Good grief. That's like 9 missionaries' money for a month.

Summer is coming to a close. Woohoo. I can't wait for the students to flood in, that will make our teaching so much better. As well as having more student members to teach with us.

Things are going well. Ting Ting was not baptized, oh boy, but she said she will most likely get baptized in 2013 when she goes to the U.S. for school. I hope she can stay strong until then, and after.

Things are going well, this week is going to be crazy. No work-overs all first three weeks (of this transfer), and apparently we will have 3 this week. Don't ever take me away from my companion for 3 days in one week. WHAT WILL I EAT! Oh yeah, I have pizzas in the freezer. I love the work so much, I think could stay with Elder Biondi for a long time.

Matt, tell Mr. Cherry I say hello, and I will send a letter in the mail today for him that you can give him. Mr. Cherry is the best.

Love you!

Elder Larsen

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