Monday, August 15, 2011

She Wanted to Be Taught By Elder Larsen and No One Else

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: How often do you see your mission president?

About 2 or so times a transfer, not a whole lot, call him on the phone when we have questions and whatnot. President Patch is the best.

Question #2: What have you learned from Elder Bionde and what funny experiences have you had with him?

Elder Bionde is a good worker. He constantly has ideas of how we can find and teach better. We have loads of funny experiences each day, but nothing really funny yet. The funniest is that a hobo that I hadn't seen for 3 weeks, after seeing him every day for a while with Elder Vitorio, found us again. He always tells us, "I'll pray for ya's." So that was a fun thing for Elder Biondi to be introduced to Cambridge.

Question #3: How is your apartment?

Our Flat/Apartment is alright. It's super small, but everything works well. We have heating and good water, all that we need as missionaries.

John's wedding sounds like it was pretty nice. I'm glad that he is finally married. Tell him I expect one child in 9 months and two by the time I get back home. And tell them congratulations for getting married.

Oh summer, funny how it goes by so fast, even for me. Apart from the first week or two of my mission time has gone by so fast. Just a couple months ago I was with the best missionary in the the mission (Elder Sikahema).

This week has been a pretty good week. The best thing that happened is that a Chinese girl who has been involved in the ward my whole time here finally wanted to be taught by the missionaries. She called the lady in charge of YSA and said she wanted to be taught by Elder Larsen and no one else. . . haha. I don't really know why, but maybe because all the other missionaries were pressuring her too much. So we have taught her a couple times and things are going good. She has a good knowledge of the gospel, and her questions imply that she is the type of person who wants to really take it seriously. She goes back to China on the 30th, so we will challenge her this week to be baptized on the 28th.

Continually we are still learning, trying to do all we can to make Cambridge one of the best areas in the mission. It really takes a lot of effort, but that's what we came here for so it's not a big deal.

Right now things are a little bit tough because of summer, no students to teach, and very few member students to teach with us. So we sent a list around in Elders Quorum asking for people to teach with us. Things are on the rise, and we are doing what we can to keep it that way.

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

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