Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boy, I'm Getting Big

Dear Family,

I never told you, but in the MTC, after being there for about a week, I gained five pounds, then a week later I gained five more, then I gained forty five more . . . and now every month I gain about one hundred and fifty pounds. Boy, I'm getting big.

Anyways, I thought I would start doing a thing for emails where each week you guys ask me three things that you all decide are of importance so I can answer them. Now that I have more time I can actually answer these questions. At least this week I'll write a little bit about some of our investigators.

Karl - 9 year-old boy, started going to church with a family in the ward a long time ago, asked to be baptized so we just need to teach him. Baptismal date: June 12th. Teaching him is a challenge because we have to adapt the lessons to be very simple and interactive. The great part about teaching him is that his mom is always there and his older sister has taken an interest (not just in the lessons . . .). He seems to be a lock for baptism, but we hope we can get his family members into it as well. This last lesson was funny. After the lesson, his sister and her friend started asking questions. It started off about church then they started asking lots of personal questions like, "How do you find a wife when you travel around so much?" I don't think she understands missionaries. Creepy. When it came up that Elder Sikahema leaves soon (thanks to the member with us, haha) she asked, "Will you come back?" He said, "Yes, I'll definitely visit England after my mission." Then she said, "Will you come back for me?" I'm not sure what he said. I was too busy laughing in my head.

Vincent - Vincent was supposed to be baptized earlier on but decided to take a break while he focused on exams. We should meet up with him again on the 4th and the plan would be to have his baptism on the 19th of June.

Robert - I like Robert a lot. He is one of our most promising investigators. Right now he has a month long or so trip with a professor doing research. My hope is that he keeps up his scripture study and prayer while traveling. He has had spiritual experiences and seems to have a solid testimony. My thoughts are that he will be baptized after his trip.

Weitao - decided he wants to take a break from meeting with the missionaries and think about everything on his own. He thinks of things very academically so it can be hard. I'm not sure he understands how the spirit works. I pray that he will come to know the truth.

I shiver at the thought of winter here, I'm going to have to get a Newsies cap and probably some warmer gloves.

A lady in the ward came and gave me a bag of goodies. She said she had talked with Sister Miller. I've been shoveling M&Ms into my mouth lately and a member made us some vanilla chocolate things that I munch on. I love chocolate. Today I bought some hamburger and tortilla chips so I can make chili soon. Not to mention I bought 6 pizzas for a pound each.

Elder Larsen

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