Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Not Nearly As Scared of Creepy People

Dear Family,

Well, things are going alright here in Cambridge. I can't wait for exams to be over with. We had a so so week, some investigators are progressing, others are not. One of our best investigators is apparently going on a trip with a professor for about 2 months. I am growing so much, my teaching, finding, and so much more are becoming better.

My companion is a fun guy. The only time I have a hard time is when he teaches me how I can be refined . . . yeah right. Na, someday I may become refined. We laugh all the time. He loves my position when it comes to McDonalds and Dominos. He was trying to convince me that when I'm old I will need to eat healthy. I replied, "I'll eat Dominos till I die, don't you ever tell me how to live my life." Hehe. I hope sometime I can eat Dominos here. We'll have to check their deals though because a regular price large pizza costs 15 pounds. Thats more than $25. Not going to happen.

When I opened my package, my companion came in the room and for a second thought I was the King of the World. I went through all the stuff and said, "My mom loves me." Seeing the candy and what not reminded me of camping. Good times. Just remember all of you that camp, while you are hiking, I will be walking with you the whole way, unless I'm teaching, so hopefully not.

Of course Smash Brothers has come up in conversation and my companion thinks he's real good so I told him he would have to play you when he goes to BYU, Matt. You'll have to invite him over for dinner sometime. He leaves in late June I think and goes to BYU in the Fall. My companion loves joking about the reactions some people give us. Some start talking in this creepy whisper and try to tell you wierd things, others just laugh.

Now to the serious stuff. Because we teach mainly students, they ask real hard questions sometimes. It makes me want to study that much harder in the morning when I know I need to be able to answer all the questions. I love teaching investigators who really put in some effort to know the truth. We can tell that our investigator thats leaving for a couple months has felt the spirit and he wants to be baptized. I wish he wasn't going on that trip.

We're teaching a 9 year-old who we're 99% sure will be baptized. While we were teaching the plan of salvation, his older sister walked in and was interested. She mainly asked a lot of questions. She goes to a different church but we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read.

Now that I'm pretty used to people here I'm not nearly as scared of creepy people as I was last week. It's funny to me that we are out doing good things all the time and people dislike us, but it reminds me of the best person ever on this earth, so that's good. He did nothing wrong and was hated by so many. Nothing real bad has happened so far, just been heckled and had an empty bag of chips thrown at me from a car. They say that the more you're persecuted as a missionary the prettier your wife gets . . . Keep it coming!

I love the habits I'm picking up as a missionary and I'm going to do all I can to keep them all my life. Out here I decided I want to build furniture for temples someday.

The work is very hard and because it is I am growing like never before. I'm starting to develop a love for the people. So far it's pretty easy to love the Oriental people and hard to love the others. I'll work on it. One of the lessons I've learned is that you have to have some fun out here. When you have fun, you don't focus on the rejection. I try to focus on the good stuff, have some fun and be a friend to everyone.

Food - My companion and I have become addicted to Wheetos, a delicious cereal. 4% milk is delicious. We usually go to a place called Sainsbury's for lunch. It's a grocery store. If they have it out, I usually get a couple slices of pizza. Often times I get sausage rolls. Those are delicious. You should try beans on toast. Toast some bread, put some baked beans on it. Good stuff. I'm told that the high class people butter the toast and put cheese on top of the beans . . . we're not high class. Haha. I miss my mama's food, but I survive.

My address is:
42 Corrie Road
Cambridge CB1 3RB

Love you guys,
Elder Larsen

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