Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm In Cambridge

Let's get down to it, I'm in Cambridge (tell Brother Miller, he knows people here and was here for a while I believe) my companion is Elder Sikahema (yes, his dad is Vai) HAHA. I got an awesome companion, unluckily he's done after 6 weeks, so I'll have to explain the area to whoever comes to replace him which will be hard. I remember Dad talking about Vai at the cabin, so it was cool when I found out that's his dad. Everyone in the mission tells me I'm lucky to be with Elder Sikahema and in Cambridge.

Right now it's a lot of adjusting, I haven't had much time to take in where I am and what not with focusing on the work. Living in Provo my whole life, and not wanting to go to Salt Lake because it's creepy, Salt Lake is not creepy, this is creepy. Hobos approach us sometimes and I just let Elder Sikahema do the talking. I'm still a little kid! My legs are sore, I'm tired, but I'm growing like never before. The MTC was cake, this is the real deal. I can't wait until I get used to the walking and lack of sleep.

So far missionary work here is pretty good. It's funny, one day we have a handful of lessons and the next everyone is a no show. But we feel like June should be a good month for baptisms. A 9 year-old wants to be baptized and it seems like a shoe in. There are also some others that seem to be on track to be baptized maybe on June 12. Lots of peple we teach are Asian, they are very humble and want to be better. We will see what happens, but I have high hopes right now.

I'm working on approaching people in the streets and giving lessons. I have a good example to look to. I'm getting there but I definitely have a way to go. I feel pretty good about my street contacting, whenever Elder Sikahema tells me to stop someone I do, even when it was a giant, tattooed, tank top, angry looking guy, who laughed when I stopped him. I do need his help a lot though. If he doesn't tell me to go for it, I don't always stop people.

I love seeing how the spirit can touch people, and how when people hear the gospel it's something they want. When we taught one of our investigators named Robert, he really liked the idea of having the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it's hard to get people to meet with us right now because of Exams. Most of the people we teach are students and now is very busy. In the next week or two things should free up.

We do most of our contacting and teaching around a mall near colleges. We usually stop people and try to set up for another time to teach them (everyone is very busy...) haha, or we take them into the library and give them a quick lesson. We usually do Lesson 0 which is an overview of a lot of things with invitations to read, pray, go to church, and conditional baptism. It's hard to see that some people seem to like what we teach, then don't show up to the next lesson and what not. It's also great to see the people who act on what we teach and want to meet with us.

Please don't judge me for my lack of grammar and what not. hehe

Elder Larsen

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