Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Say I Told You So

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your three questions.

Question #1 What is your schedule on a typical day?

6:30- wake up, exercise
7:00- shower and what not, breakfast
8:00- personal study
9:00- companionship study
10:00- atonement study
10:30- leave flat
The following is our schedule for tomorrow (Tuesday)
1:00- Vincent (should be baptized either June 19th or 26th)
2:00- Hendrick (met him just last Friday, Muslim, we'll try to get him to church)
3:00- Stephen (companion must have found him while I was on work over)
4:30- Abrahim (interested in christianity, asked us about it in library last Friday)
5:30- Oniel (taught him once already)
7:00- Terry (less active member, came to church this last Sunday for first time in a long time)
9:00- go home, eat at the flat
9:30- plan
10:00- calls with ZL and DL, get ready to sleep

In between appointments we're finding all and have lunch.

Question #2 What do you do on Preparation Day?

Today we are going to different historical sites and things with a guy in the ward who is amazing when it comes to family history. You wouldn't believe the people he knows. Usually we do some shopping, get a good lunch somewhere, exercise, lots of different things really.

Question #3 What is your greatest challenge, physical, mental, and spiritual?

Physical - Walking around all day with my bag.
Mental - Trying to gain knowledge in many areas, scriptures, culture, etc.
Spiritual - Putting my testimony into words that will penetrate the people.

One of my favorite things about this week was that we ran into 4 people from Fiji that are here in the British army. Great humble people. One was less active and came to church this week, one was a couple that my companion taught while I was on work over (argh), the other we haven't taught yet. (Mom's note: We don't know what this "work over" is that he mentions a couple times. That might have to be one of our questions for next week.)

Things are going well. I keep realizing that I can change in so many ways for the better. Some things are harder than others but I'm constantly thinking of how I can be a better person. On my last work over my companion was so good with people. Everyone in the town liked him. I want to try to be a friend to everyone whether we teach them or not.

This past week I have been trying to memorize different scriptures, not always the whole verse but key points. Don't say I told you so, Dad. I wish I would have listened to all of the wise counsel I got before my mission. I would have been more prepared.

I think it must be raining in Provo more than it is here. It hasn't been too bad.

I love you guys,
Elder Larsen

Wow, good thing it saved. I clicked send and the computer shut off.

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