Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Karl Was Baptized

Dear Everyone,

What a great heading to an email - "Don't Drink Out of Puddles". Haha. I suppose you're right. I do carry around a water bottle, I just forgot to fill it up.

A less bulky bag would be completely fantastic. I also have thought about how nice it would be to have a small Preach My Gospel and a tiny quad. You'll be delighted to hear that my black suit from Mr. Mac is not very good. You see, the "trousers" (haha) have stretchy fabric that comes out on the back and looks weird and when fixed just comes back out later. Yes, both pairs. (Note from Mom: Aaaaaaaaaarrrgh!)

So, it sounds like good things are happening. John just waited for me to leave to get married, I see.

It's moves this week so p-day is today (Tuesday). My companion goes home so, in turn, I get a new companion. Elder Vitorio, from Brazil. You bet I'm going to learn some Portugese. He's been out less than a year and we'll have a swell time. I don't even know him yet. I'll meet him tomorrow, but I hear he's a great guy.

Karl, our nine year-old investigator, was baptized this week. It went great. His family seemed to enjoy themselves. Elder Sikahema went out swinging with a baptism each of his last two weeks. I look forward to being able to tell you more about Elder Vitorio.

It's funny how things change. Before, I could have cared less about learning a language and now I want to learn them all. It would be so nice to know Chinese and so many other languages so I could better relate with people. To think I was annoyed that Matt was taking languages over Woods. Certainly it will be a good skill.

Elder Sikahema has put a lot of great work into this area and if I do my part, we should have many more baptisms to come. As I focus on the ordinances, going by the spirit, and establishing good personal relationships with investigators it will happen.

Love Elder Larsen (that's an order!)

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