Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: How do the British celebrate New Year's?

Drink a bit, and a bit more, and a bit more. Haha. They have fireworks in London which is a big deal, other than that pretty similar to the U.S.

Question #2: What new ways have you used to find people?

Ummm... I guess I have just been trying out new approaches. A couple I used recently are,"Who is your hero?" and "What is your vision of a perfect world?"

Question #3: Did you get our package?

Yep, I'm wearing the tie right now, used the toothbrush and ate most of the Snickers and Twix.

Right now I am soaking wet. I love the new motto of the Romford Zone (the zone I'm in), We Choose to Be Happy. This past Saturday we had a meeting for our Zone, with me, the other district leader and the zone leaders. It was great. We talked about what we can do to improve the mission work here in the Zone.

We set a few goals but one thing is that we want everyone to be more happy about this great work. It is a happy work indeed! One of my favorite points that we made was that everyone will have a Change Agent to help them reach their vision of 2012.

We set 5 goals and have someone else in the zone follow up with us and coach us to do them. I have some areas I want to improve and have set goals for each of them. Here they are:

Wisdom: Memorize 2 scriptures every day.
Love: Never bad talk anyone, good talk them.
Humility: Cut the word I out of my vocabualry unless testifying or writing.
Refinement: Have better posture.
Preparation: Prepare lesson outlines for all Lessons.

I can't wait to see what Heavenly Father will do with me this year as I give Him my will for the entire year.

Last Thursday I remember sitting in an appointment that just wasn't going the way I wanted it to, my soul was in deep distress. I said a very heartfelt prayer asking Heavenly father for help with the work. A couple of hours later we got a call from a former investigator from 2010. We later taught him that day and will continue to teach him. I know that God answers prayers, I have not had any heartfelt sincere prayer unanswered.

Now that the Holiday is over, investigators will be more free, so we will see a good increase in teaching. I can't wait to improve our finding. We did some brainstorming on how to make it better and came to the conclusion that we need to bring the Spirit more into the entire process.

From now on when we plan we are going to pray for where we need to find, how many people we will find, who to find, what to say, and put in every effort to reach the goals we set. If we are going through the day and it doesn't look like we will accomplish our goals, we will say a prayer and ask what we need to do to reach them. I can't wait to apply all that we talked about because I know that it will make a world of difference.

Happy New Year! It is going to be a great one for all my time will be given to Heavenly Father!

Elder Larsen

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