Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Moving to Central London

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What is your daily exercise routine?

20-30 ab wheels, 30+ push ups, sometimes use a stretch band. It's going to get way better soon though! Elder Paramalingam is a monster at exercising in the morning. He does 10 standing ab wheels. I have only done 1 ever.

Question #2: Have you received the package with your new scriptures yet?

Nope, but I'll be in London tomorrow. If they are there I will get them. I can't wait to mark them real nice.

Question #3: Is it transfer week and if so how are you affected?

Yes, it is. I am affected in that I am moving to Central London. The area is called Lee Valley. In the area is a place called Hackney, apparently the most dodgey place in London. Haha. Lee Valley is a very African area which is great because that (Africa) is where I wanted to serve originally. I will be white-washing most of the area with Elder Hansen. All I know about him is that he is from Utah. Finally! Haha. Supposedly the missionaries who have been in Lee Valley were not hard workers so we've got to bring in new blood. My favorite part about the area is that we live in a flat with the Zone Leaders who also serve in Lee Valley... sort of. Possibly my favorite Elder, Elder Paramalingam is one of the Zone Leaders, the other is the one who trained Elder Biondi and Elder Siano and was in Southend before me. Should be interesting. Haha. If I don't email next week it's because I was in Hackney and got killed. Haha. Hackney is supposed to be a very scary place.

Matt, did you just tell me to envision myself being a missionary who didn't work so someone couldn't receive the saving ordinance of baptism? How dare you? Haha. Yes, mother, I started using sheets. Haha. Wow, I have only seen Marty for 1/4 of his life. That seems weird.

It was another really good week, we taught 22 lessons this time. Now that it gets really good I'm gone. Haha. Elder Mahendran will get a companion called Elder Celius who probably will play basketball for BYU after his mission. They have great things ahead, Alex will be baptized on the 4th of February and Joe probably in mid February.

It is great to look back on the good memories of this area, it was hard work, but great. Some of the members of this ward I want to stay in contact with after my mission. I will miss the Podevins as well. But we have a plan with them. After my mission is over, I get to visit you guys for 3 days then come back to their cellar to live, where I will get free McDonalds every day.

Check this crazy process out. Provo -----> Cambridge -----> Southend -----> Hackney. Haha. At least they didn't just toss me into boiling water, they just slowly turned the heat up. From totally safe to 80% safe to 60% safe to 30% safe. Haha. Good thing I've bulked up to a whopping 131 lbs. In most areas you have a town center to go finding in and if you go out of it there aren't many people, now I will be in London where the whole place is a town center. Haha.

Matt, I have gained a powerful testimony of Obedience and Dilligence through experience. I am convinced that all commandments are for our benefit and that doing the little things makes a big difference. At times we think, "Oh I don't need to read this one day", or "Meh, so what if this friend tells bad jokes." Satan slowly lures us into doing small things which eventually turn big. Basically like the example of tossing a frog into water that is boiling vs. starting cold and slowly heating up to a boil. We have to hold strong, we have to grasp the iron rod with all we've got not just with the tips of our fingers.

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

P.S. Would it be possible to get some pictures from the Dirty Devil... uh oh, I just felt guilty writing that. I haven't sent pictures in a long while. Oops, I'll do it next time. Tehe.

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