Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fainting Spell

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Did you receive Grandma Larsen's Christmas letter and or your package from us yet?

Yes, I got her letter. It was great to receive it, I should finally have time this week to send a letter back to her. I also got the package upon switching back from our Assistant exchange. If I was the crying type, I would have cried when I opened up to see my mom's scriptures. They are amazing. They are a bit thinner and lighter than the newer compacts. I have enjoyed marking them and I'm not sure I can give them up to Matt. (Mom's note: Since they no longer make the kind of compact quad he wanted I sent mine which I hadn't marked much and I covered my name with a little plaque that said Elder Larsen. I was hoping he didn't mind that it was burgandy.)

Question #2: How long has your companion been on his mission?

Five months. He served in Dover before this.

Question #3: Now that you're in the middle of London and there are so many busy streets where you can find people, how do you choose what streets or areas to go to each day?

We do a lot on the road that the church is on and also on a road called Seven Sisters in Tottenham. Our area has the longest market in London which I thought was cool at first, but there is no space to talk to people there. We have appointments at the church so often we are more in that area.

Wow, Dad, Elder Holland touched you? Never wash that jacket again. That is so amazing. (Mom's note: we went to funeral that Elder Holland spoke at.) A bit of a random thought, but a member was telling us about a patriarch who knew Elder Holland as a missionary. The patriarch told a story of how he was at the London Temple ground for the laying of the cornerstone. It had rained the previous night so the hole was filled with water. They prayed for the water to empty and the water rushed up to the top and flowed out the sides.

This week we made huge improvements, we went from teaching 6 lessons to 14. That was nice. Obedience and Hard Work, and things happen. One investigator is great and wants to be baptized but he works on Sundays so we need to sort that out. It can be quite funny to be in an area with Zone Leaders. We both just came in and started from scratch and here they are teaching 25 lessons a week. Haha.

Last week we had a pretty scary lesson. We taught that 16 year-old and all the sudden she fainted, then fainted again shortly after and we decided to ride the bus with her home. Then she decided to walk home instead and began to walk off. We went to walk after her and she fainted again.... Eventually we got a bus and took her home. Scary night. I'm not a fan of being around when people faint. Haha. I guess she has epileptic fits. Don't worry though, she seems to be ok now and came to church.

I love being a missionary. On Wednesday is interviews with President Patch and I am going to ask him about extending. Apparently it is very difficult. In reply to another missionary he said he would see what he could do if his parents got him a visa.

Well, this keyboard and computer are frustrating so I will now send some pictures.

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

P.S. Well, sadly the camera cannot hook up to this computer... so I guess I'll send next week or send the sd card... sorry. Boy does Matt have stick legs, huh. Haha. Those Dirty Devil pictures were amazing.

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