Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What are your responsibilities as District Leader?

Watch over 5 other missionaries, give them training where needed, try to be a good example, plan District Meetings, go on work-overs with each missionary, etc. Two of the missionaries in the District are Zone Leaders. I don't know what I can do to help them. Haha.

Question #2: Where are the missionaries in your District from?

Arizona, Orem, Provo..., Germany, Utah, and Utah but lived in Abu Dhabi most of his life.

Question #3: How often do you have Zone Conference and where do you have it?

Usually every 3 months we have a Zone Conference, both times they have been in an area in my Zone at a Chapel.

Mission work is going well. I am excited to learn a lot and be able to serve others. I found out that the guy we are teaching that will be baptized on February 4th was taught by Elder Sikahema (my first companion) about 2 years ago, haha.

Right now during this Christmas time, it seems to be a bit harder for people to listen, they are all so busy. Also, the library near town centre is closed for a couple weeks. Things are good, I'm learning a lot.

As I continue to grow in knowledge and experience it sometimes becomes a challenge to rely fully on the Spirit. Right now I am trying to follow the scriptures and lean not to my understanding. I have found that as I listen to the person we are teaching that the Spirit puts the ideas in my head for me. Sometimes listening can take a lot of effort, but as we do, the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 100:5-6 is definitely true. I love that Heavenly Father is a completely honest and true God.

We had Zone Meeting yesterday. It was really good and we did a white elephant gift exchange. I got your package. That music is real good and so is the candy! Haha.

I belive that for the Chrismas phone call I get 30-40 minutes so it would be great if you could think of the things you need to ask and want to talk about. Can you let me know when you will all be home so I can know when to call.

In Mosiah 18:30 it says Mormon 6 times. In 1830 the Church was officially organized with 6 men.

Judges 4:21 is the crazy Old Testament scripture of the week, haha. Lately I have been enticing a less-active member to read the scriptures by giving him a crazy or interesting scripture as a bonus.

Love you,

Elder Larsen

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