Wednesday, December 7, 2011

District Leader

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What was your greatest challenge last week?

The greatest challenge was that we had lots of places to go to and used the buses. Using the buses takes a lot of planning and sometimes a bit of luck. One day, because of slow buses and buses coming late, it was quite hard.

Question #2: What was your most uplifting experience last week?

We taught George last week and then didn't have any contact with him for a few days. Elder Mahendran and I fasted for him and in my personal prayer I asked that we could be able to contact him and see him. Sunday evening after the fast I gave him a call and he picked up and we will see him tomorrow. I think it's just hard to get a hold of him when he's always out training on his bike.

Question #3: What has been the highlight of your time with Elder Mahendran?

Probably just everything. So far he has been one of my favourite companions. We are both learning a lot.

You are correct, transfers are this week. The chain continues: non Brazilian, Brazilian, non Brazilian, Brazilian, non Brazilian, Brazilian! I am going to Dover with Elder Fernandez. OK, that's not true. The chain was broken and for once I stay with my companion.

Yet again I had a frightening surprise. President Patch called me and now I will be a District Leader. Your prayers would be very much appreciated. As you know, I'm not exactly a born leader. Haha. The missionaries in the Grays area are called Elders Paul and Ostermiller, in Basildon Elders Solomon and Potts, and in Southend Elder Mahendran and "some other guy" (aka Elder Larsen). Please pray that the Grasilend District can be successful.

Dad, I bet Uncle John is laughing his face off that OU and BYU have the same record. Joey, I was under the blanket, I cruised over while my companion was asleep with my Abomb speed. Mom, he was never innocent. Matthew, no one beats the blind wonder. Lisa, there is no such thing as Santa Claus, only "Father Christmas". Haha.

Mission work here in Southend is seeing many improvements. One investigator, Alex, who is married to a member has a baptism date for February 4th which we are hopefully going to move a bit sooner. And we have many others that will have dates this week.

This transfer will be fantastic because there is nothing to slow us down, Just as Joey said, no prayer goes unanswered if we are in sincere need. It seems like every transfer I am having experience after experience that strengthens my testimony. I am so confident that anyone who reads the Book of Mormon, prays about it, and comes to church will gain a testimony if they want to know if this is true.

Hope you guys have a great week.

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

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