Monday, December 19, 2011

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What are your plans for Christmas day?

We so far have some open invitations. We haven't really set times for anything at all though.

Question #2: What have you learned about Christmas traditions in England?

Christmas is a bit similar here as in the USA. They have mince pies and a few other things but it's quite similar.

Question #3: What was the highlight of last week?

The highlight was seeing a new investigator called Joe. Joe is 17 and doesn't have a great family situation. He's living with some friends. He has a desire to get onto the straight and narrow. He came to church and we will be seeing him tomorrow evening and hopefully we'll be getting him a lift to Young Men's.

Alex, the one Elder Sikahema taught, is doing really well. I love being able to dive a bit deeper into the lessons since he has had them a few times already.

Another highlight is that a less-active 18 year-old boy came to church this week for the first time in 2 years. It went amazing, the members haven't forgotten him and he felt like a million pounds. We walked with him to church 5 miles. It was easily worth it.

We are now entering the very cold times. It has snowed briefly a couple times. I love it. The best way to keep warm is to work really hard and build up a sweat. That is motivation.

Recently I have been astounded at the spirit that many people in this mission carry. President Patch makes me feel so excited and inspired, Sister Patch makes me feel peace and love. My Zone Leader Elder Solomon has such authority and power behind his words. My goal for the new year is to have a spirit like that about me.

Very much I have taken notice of the individuality in many amazing people. The First Presidency and the 12 Apostles are all amazing people yet they all speak and act in unique ways. When President Monson speaks he eminates such Christlike love. Elder Holland speaks with much boldness and authority ("I might singe your eyebrows just a little bit.") The potential we have is amazing, Heavenly Father's plan is all about helping us reach our highest potential.

Such a wonderful time it is to give extra focus on the birth of Jesus Christ. As I believe President Hinckley once said, "There would be no Christmas if it weren't for Easter." How true it is. The Saviour was born to rescue us from sin.

As a missionary I have a wonderful opportunity to have the best Christmas ever, a time of service, a time to bring people to remembrance of that babe lying in a manger. There is no place I would rather be, nothing I would rather be doing than where and what I am. I love helping people remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I think my gift will be a bit late. I'm making something and just may not finish it for a little while longer. "It's gonna be big!" (-Hercules, about indoor plumbing).

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

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