Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Craig and Ashleigh Were Baptized

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: How many miles do you ride on your bike in a week?

Not exactly sure. About three times a week we ride to the Church, there and back, and that's about 25 minutes at a very fast pace. Other than to the Church and to see Craig and Ashleigh it's not too bad. In a week we may ride about 30ish? Shot in the dark, not sure.

Question #2: Have you tried any of the new approaches for finding that you mentioned (white board, pictures, etc.) yet? If so did they work well?

I haven't used the whiteboard, it's very intimidating and my companion doesn't like the idea. I have used pictures at the beginning of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, and the picture of us all at the airport. It works pretty well to make finding more fun and seems to be pretty effective. The best is sharing about families and then pulling out a picture of my family to show them. Even my best bud Devin is in the picture.

Question #3: Do you have any new funny stories to tell?

The best story of the transfer is this: 4ish weeks ago we were driving with the Zone Leaders from an appointment with Craig and Ashleigh. It was too late to drop us off at the chapel for us to ride back home so they had to drop us off at home instead. We were debating with the Zone Leaders how we would go to the chapel to get our bikes the next day. I talked about taking a nice morning jog and the Zone Leader (Elder Solomon) said why not just take a taxi. Elder Siano said, "We don't have the money for that." Elder Solomon replied, "It's only 3 pounds." I replied perfectly saying, "Well, I guess either way we'll lose 3 pounds!" Bwahahaha. It was quite funny.

Question #4: Did you go to London for P-day two weeks ago?

No, for some reason the other missionaries that were going to London decided not to go. Either way, that day I had a bad cold and wouldn't have gone anyway. Last week we did go to a giant shopping mall where I followed Elder Siano through every single store. I'm not much of a spender so I spent nothing.

Mom was correct, this is moves week. All of Monday I wasn't anticipating the phone call as much as usual. I figured for the first time that nothing would change for me at all, that Elder Siano and I would continue to be companions in South End. That night we were updating the Area Book and making calls when President Patch called. Elder Siano answered and he asked for me. President Patch informed me that Elder Siano was being transferred and that I would be training a new missionary! I'll tell you, it was a very big shocker for me, the last thing I expected. Only one Elder is going home so I assumed that not many were coming in. I am very excited to be with a new missionary filled with the strong desire to serve.

I cannot wait to help Grandpa with his totem pole, and make sure he knows that I will make him a much nicer coffin. (Mom's note: I had mentioned to Andy that his Grandpa Hall had said that he could just be buried in the tall cabinet that Andy made for their bathroom.) Luckily, I think he'll live until he's 180 so I may not get the chance.

Elder Gustafson from Wallsburg served here in South End, his name is written on the English flag in our flat. Right now I'm wearing my Wallsburg hoodie. I must say that because of my loving Grandparents I love Wallsburg very much. Many of my best memories are up at that great Cabin.

The Dirty Devil sounded like it went great. Matt, it may hurt right now, but I assure you, your pain will make for a good story in the future. If only I could have seen that, it must have been amazing. I bet you were doing a ballerina dance all the way down. Of course Dave had to get all the home runs. I remember all of my smashes went one foot into the reeds, haha. Surely you all had some good splash offense as well.

The Baptism went excellent. Craig and Ashleigh were both baptized. We had a great musical number with us and the Young Women. Elder Siano baptized Craig and I baptized Ashleigh. Using my priesthood really feels good, being able to be a part of that ordinance is something I will treasure forever. The both of them and their family should bring strength to the ward. With Elder Siano leaving, I'm not sure how the confirmations will go but that should be great. Now we really need to focus on Rebekkah, the 11 year-old daughter to be baptized here in November.

I will send you an SD card in the mail today, on my honor. Got some decent pictures in there.

Elder Larsen

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