Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Am I a REAL Missionary?

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Did you have to buy a bike?

No, I didn't buy the bike, they were just here when I came.

Question #2: Did you really believe that Matt wrote that letter last week?

I hoped he did.

Question #3: How was your interview with President Patch?

I love interviews with President Patch. He had really good advice on being able to compromise. It's better to compromise minor things than get in an argument. He told me I may never have a companion that will run as fast as me. That was a bit sad. Every time after I talk with him it brings my excitement back up and I feel great. President said that as of now he feels good about me and Elder Siano being companions so it's quite possible we'll stay together.

I'm glad BYU is doing well, especially Mike Alisa.

Joey, I suggest that you take homemade peanut butter bars on the Dirty Devil trip, that is if they won't melt. I miss those delicious things. The Dirty Devil has got to be the best campout ever. Remember, Matt, you have to take my place in the dunk pictures. I'll expect one sent to me. Put a few rocks in Dave's bag as well for payback. Being on a mission, experiences like campouts are some of my clearest memories. I love to tell my companions about the Dirty Devil and all of our fun traditions.

Today the plan is that we are going to a huge mall with Craig, Ahsleigh, and their parents. For some reason missionaries like to go look at all the stores around here. I never buy anything, I figure I'll wait until the end of my mission to get anything. It should be fun though, with investigators being there.

Yesterday we were able to watch the last session of General Conference in Sacrament Meeting. That was great. I especially liked the talk about Being REAL. Am I a real missionary? I also found the talk about the Titanic very interesting. I had no idea that missionaries were going to go on that boat. Sadly, the woman passed away, but at least she died doing good things. It's amazing to hear about the stories where the spirit prompts someone to not go somewhere or not do something and it ends up saving their lives. I have found that that's how it works as missionaries. A small prompting, if followed, can save the lives of others.

Right now we are trying to raise our pool of investigators. Now that Craig and Ashleigh will be baptized we won't have anyone with baptism dates. So we are out in town center trying to find someone that can be baptized next transfer.

This week I am trying to think of new approaches to use when out finding in the town center. I think I'll use pictures, maybe a white board, and testify. Our District Leader often approaches by immediately testifying. "Excuse me, ma'am, I know that Jesus Christ lives." I am excited to try new things out.

This week I read Alma 5. It's a really good chapter for evaluating where you stand. That is one of the chapters that really makes me ponder and open myself for inspiration on how to be better.

Love you guys, all the best,

Elder Larsen

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