Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1955 Burger

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: How was the 1955 burger?

It was super delicious. It had a big slab of meat, tomato, lettuce, bbq sauce and BACON. Very very good.

Question #2: Why can't you go to town center after 7:00 pm?

We can but it's just full of 14 year-olds smoking (don't get any ideas, Matthew) and old men drinking as well.

Question #3: Do you ride bikes in your area?

We ride bikes, yeah, it's going pretty good. The church is about 25 minutes away cruising on the bike often up and down hills. At first my nalgas didn't enjoy it, but now it's not so bad at all. My legs are now 100% muscle. Sometimes I pretend the wimpy thing is a dirt bike, but it's just not the same.

Amanda, the mother of our two teenage investigators, has been coming to everything. She is really good. The issue is, she smokes and she is living with her "partner". She has cut from about 30 fags (English for cigarettes) to one or two a day. She was previously married to her partner but got divorced, then got back together just not married... He is Catholic, nice guy, but not really interested in becoming a Mormon.

This week we gave both Craig and Ashleigh baptism calendars. They are pretty great. I will be baptizing Ashleigh and Elder Siano will baptize Craig on the 23rd.

Elder Biondi and I have been sending letters back and forth and next week they will baptize an African that Elder Biondi and I found and taught, maybe an older lady from Chile that Elder Vitorio and I found and also taught with Biondi, and on the 23rd a girl that Elder Biondi and I invited to be baptized my last day in Cambridge!

Matt, what is this all about? You're a ladies man all of the sudden. That's really strange. Well I guess when I get home you can show me how it's done. (Mom's note: Andy did notice that Matt's letter sounded strange but what he didn't seem to suspect was that Lisa actually wrote the letter for Matt.)

I booked a plane while I was reading this email and I'll be home at 9:00 pm Rocky Mountain time. Be ready with balloons and welcome posters. Also, I would like lots of McDonalds so I can win the Million and not Joey. Haha. (The sad thing about this is that last week on Monday a missionary in my District did go home.) I must say, with it being Monopoly time, that means the Dirty Devil (backpacking trip) is coming up, so that ought to be fun. Matt, I officially appoint you to dunk yourself in my place.

I forgot to mention last time about the new Provo temple, wooohooo! I hope they have the picture of the Savior in there that was saved in the fire. I wonder where people will park to go in though? My city is the first to have two temples, haha.

This past week I have focused on scriptures a lot more. In using scriptures in all the lessons a lot, I see the Spirit that they bring. I hope to gain much more knowledge of the scriptures. This week we will have interviews with President Patch once again. I look forward to getting his input on how I can be better in certain areas.

Tell Heidi that if they buy a house in Arkansas they also have to invent a teleportation machine. Bwahhaha.

Love you, have a great week, I know I will.

Elder Larsen

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