Monday, November 19, 2012

Read the Book of Mormon in 59 Days

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Have you had to pay any customs fees on any of the packages we've sent to you?

I've not had to pay any customs fees for anything so far. I'm not sure how the process works.

Question #2: Do you still cut your own hair or do you get it cut professionally?

I get my hair cut professionally, by myself. I do allow a non-pro to trim the back (my companion). Last time, to make sure there was no mess up, I held a comb as a straight edge for him to cut.

Question #3: What did you learn at your Mission Conference last week?

I learned quite a few things. Elder Teixeira gave a great training on how to find out what friends and family investigators have that we could teach by praying for them. Sister Teixeira invited us to read the Book of Mormon in 59 days, the time it took to translate it. I am doing it and right now I'm on page 64 or so. I was very impressed with them, I felt the spirit. When Elder Teixeira spoke, my eyes were glued to him and I listened for spiritual impressions.

This has been quite an eventful week. Mission Conference was amazing, then the next day I had a great exchange with a newer missionary. Being a missionary is filled with amazing experiences. Sometimes I have to stop myself and ponder how amazing it is. I am in England, I am assigned to an area with 30,000 plus people in it to preach about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes me feel big and small at the same time.

Roger is still doing well. He is struggling with his health at the moment but keeps pressing on. We have been working with a member that hadn't been to church in quite some time. He came to church yesterday which was great. We're still working to find new people to teach and found a few this last week. One lady had seen a TV program on Mormons. When I stopped her I said, "What do you know about Mormons?" She expressed her interest in learning more about our family values and the Book of Mormon. It is so exciting to be led by the spirit.

Last Saturday evening we were talking to people in the Town Center. We were walking down the high street past a group of teenagers that were having a little fight. As I walked by, one of them was escaping the hit of the other and elbowed me right in the ear. Haha. It was quite funny. I was hoping it would leave a good mark but it's not even noticeable.

That kiosk looks really nice. I hope business picks up. Kids will start getting "board" of their Christmas break and buy "bored" games to play. Joey, I didn't know you would sink so low as to sell Settlers of Catan. Haha. Whether you make millions with that kiosk or not, the experience will be something memorable.

Well, Matt, I am no expert on Isaiah but it is possible that it would be chapter 56 or something. That rings a bell.

That is sad that Sister Shawcroft passed away. It must be really hard for Nelson. I'll keep them in my prayers.

Have a great week,

Elder Larsen

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