Monday, October 8, 2012

Working With Members Has Been Great

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: When were you able to watch General Conference?

-Saturday Morning Session at 5:00 pm on Saturday
-Priesthood Session at 10:00 am on Sunday
-Saturday Afternoon Session on Sunday at 1:00 pm
-Sunday Morning Session at 5:00 pm on Sunday
Haven't watched the last session yet, will have to watch it at a member's home.

Question #2: What do you think of the new policy allowing young men to go on missions at 18 and young women to go at 19?

I think it's great. I imagine the number of Sister missionaries is going to sky rocket.

Question #3: Have you been to or heard of Deanshanger where Grandma Larsen's Norris and Terrell ancestors came from? (It's about 15 miles south of Northampton.)

No, I haven't been to Deanshanger. Our area is Duston which is just barely north of Northampton. It is probably in the Milton Keynes area which is in our District.

Conference sure was great. I have learned to really appreciate it now that I'm a missionary, I hope I always listen with the same intensity  as I do now. I always loved the talks where the Priesthood get rebuked. Elder Christofferson's talk was great. As always Elder Holland's was amazing. I really like the invitation President Monson left to take an inventory of all the blessing you remember in your life. I'll do it.

Just after we finished watching conference, a lady from our ward came up to me to give me a referral. She explained that a man who was a friend of her brother showed up at her door and told her he had cancer and he wanted to be baptized. We dropped by last night just to set an appsointment. His Book of Mormon was on the table, he seems really nice. He does seem to have a smoking problem, but we will help him resolve that.

This past week working with members has been great, again. We had appointments with some members who know the ward really well and got some great insights on who we can help. I sat next to a brother in priesthood and he pointed out members of our ward and told me about each of them. Some members have such a great desire to help us, especially those who are returned missionaries.

Brother Mace served a mission in France, he is married with 2 kids. They are a very nice young family. They have a son who is about 4 and a baby boy.

So this is Dirty Devil week. I don't know if a girl has ever survived it before, we shall see. Matt, if Lisa is in the head picture and not you, I will send you some black pudding to eat. Make sure you get a good head picture, a good mud picture, and fuel up before the back breaker. It sure is cold over here, I hope for your sakes it isn't as cold there.

Matt, I think that scripture is in Isaiah? That was too difficult for my weak mind. See if you can find the scriptures that begin with "In the beginning.."

I know you guys will have a great week.

Elder Larsen

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