Monday, October 1, 2012

Rugby, Phone Call, and Member Work

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Are you a Zone Leader still? If yes, how many missionaries in your Zone?

Yes, 14.

Question #2: What percentage of your ward is English? Are there fewer foreigners in this area?

90% or more are English. A bit different than London.

Question #3: What was the strangest thing that happened to you last week?

We went to a Rugby match.

Matthew, I believe it is Psalms 3:5. (Moms note: Matt quoted a scripture and told Andy to name the reference.)

Joey, I guess if those are the only options, I would choose B. (Mom's note: In Joey's letter he asked Andy, "If a bunch of thieves ran up to you wearing only loin cloths and blood, would you: A. Be afraid or B. Fall down and pray?")

What does Nelson mean that going on a mission doesn't make you automatically perfect? Haha.

Oddly enough, I'm not a big fan of British sausage either. It's still delicious but doesn't compare to the stuff in the States.

The members in this area are amazing. They seem to just give and give and give. We are really making an effort to go tracting around the homes of returned missionary members so we can invite them to come teach with us. I think the ward here has been prepared for us to come and work with them. When I previously read through the thoughts on my setting apart, I always thought, "When are the things about members trusting me, referring friends to me, etc. going to happen?" The answer is now!

Brother Mace was super inspired to call you, Mom. He saved me. I knew your birthday was on September 26th but it didn't cross my mind as I was emailing last week. Although I'm sure half of the things he said were lies or exaggerations. Haha. Happy Birthday! I'll do my best to send some pictures this next week. (Mom's note: The Elders Quorum President in Andy's new ward called to thank me for sending Andy over there on a mission. He was impressed with all Andy had accomplished in just one week in the area. The call just happened to come on my birthday!)

Oh yeah, the Rugby match. So, our investigator Samu, who plays Pro Rugby, offered us tickets to a game. We gave a call to President Jordan to ask if we could go and he said yes! Last Friday night we watched the Northampton Saints play and it was great. Rugby is actually a very interesting sport. The only downside is that we just have to take a couple hours out of our P-day to make up for the work. Haha. which isn't really a downside.

We have been teaching an investigator from China called Orient. He is a really nice guy. He has come to church a few times and is good at reading and praying. Last week he brought his friend Lily to a lesson and we taught her too. It has been a long time since I have taught Chinese people, so it was great. Teaching them is so great.

I can't believe the Dirty Devil is coming up again. I have so many great memories from that campout.

Things are going great here in the Duston ward, I'm excited. I really have enjoyed studying Preach My Gospel this last week, applying it in our work with members has been a great success.

Have a great week.

Elder Larsen

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