Wednesday, August 22, 2012

American Accent Makes Me Laugh

Dear Family,

Question #1: Do you see and/or teach many Americans?

Don't run into very many Americans in our area. We do teach a man who was inactive but is now coming back. In Wembley we taught a girl who was baptized that was from America. It may be a good thing we don't run into too many, the accent makes me laugh.

Question #2: How does Elder Flament like having two American companions? Are there lots of cultural differences that come up?

Haha, we get to give him a hard time sometimes. There aren't really many cultural differences for us and Elder Flament. Elder Montgomery and I are in many ways more different than Elder Flament and I.

Question #3: What was the spiritual high point of last week?

Last Thursday evening I poured my heart out for a confirmation that this is the Lord's work. The next morning, traveling on the tube to our main finding spot in Tottenham, I prayed for the pure love of Christ. Humility allowed me to pray more sincerely and helped me to rely on the Lord. For the next two hours we were talking to people. We ran into many people who needed to hear the Gospel. Our success was not from our skill but by the Grace of God. I will paraphrase a conversation with one of these people. (Bold for the man, italics for me.) "Are you the Mormons?" "Yep, how do you know the Mormons?" "I used to be one, then I found the truth..." The conversation continued for 2 or 3 more minutes, it concluded with setting an appointment to see him this week. As he walked away he said, "I'm not sure what religion is right, I think it's the Mormons, I think I'll come back to that one." This is the Lord's work.

Silly Joey, do they start calling Priests at 15 now? (Mom's note: Andy wasn't fooled by Joey's attempt to make him think that Matt just turned 16 instead of 15.)

Solomon and Lea are doiong pretty well now. Gareth is on fire, he is 2 weeks away from his baptism. He will be a strength to the ward. He is always making great comments in our Gospel Principles class.

This past week we found a lady from Brazil and we are teaching her. She was taught briefly by missionaries about 9 years ago. She is in the early stages of teaching but it seems like she has been prepared. I am so grateful for the ability to be an instrument in the hands of God. I am starting to understand what Ammon says in Alma 26:12. I really am nothing, but with the help of Heavenly Father, miracles can be done.

Matt, sounds like an amazing week. Activities like those are the ones you will remember years later. If only I could remember the taste of those divine Slackers milkshakes. I read last week in your email that I should party like it was my birthday and meant to reply that you should party because it is your birthday, but I forgot. Not that it was your birthday, but to write it to you.

It's great that you all got your annual father's blessings. Maybe dad can't put his hands on my head, but I do feel strength from him. I also love exercising the Priesthood. I miss passing, preparing, and blessing the sacrament. Although I did get the opportunity to pass yesterday. The idea of something that allows me to bless others is great, doing so has blessed me greatly.

Every time I reach out to my Heavenly Father in desperation, he answers me. I hope that I can master myself in such a way that I can pray with such urgency every time I communicate with Him.

Reflecting on this last week, one thing that sticks out is families. We were able to teach the Brazilian lady, Silvana. She has a daughter and I envision them one day in the Temple. Families are so essential. There is a quote that is something like this, "The Church can never attempt to replace the family, the church is made to strengthen families." Families can be together forever, I always want to be with my own family.

Elder Larsen

P.S. I did get the things from Debby. Tell her thank you for me. Preparation days are so busy I don't get much time to write letters, but I'll try to send  her one.

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