Thursday, April 12, 2012

Four Elders in Wembley

Dear Family,

It is possible my email didn't send. Sorry for that if it didn't. (Mom's note: It must not have sent and he sent off a quick email with the little time he had left.)

Question #1: How did your move go?

It is good, not totally finished yet.

Question #2: Are you a District Leader? How many elders in your district?

Yes, with the 2 more coming to Wembley, 8.

Question #3: How does this transfer affect you?

I will stay here with Elder Young.

I really liked Dad's profile. At church in Wembley we had over 20 countries represented. I refuse to believe that Grandpa is 89. I believe in Christ. I have 1 minute left. I am excited to have this new transfer ahead. This one will only be 5 weeks. The new missionaries in Wembley will be Elder Dongen (Holland) and a new missionary from Utah. It's gonna be big.

Love you again, bye,

Elder Larsen

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