Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tender Mercies

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Have you been able to get another bike yet?

I asked President and he said to call a missionary in the office, but I think we will just walk and use the bus.

Question #2: Do you speak any German with your companion?

Not really. As you know, I didn't really take languages seriously in High School. I should have him teach me some, it's just that we have so little time. Why couldn't I have inherited the love for languages earlier? Haha.

Question #3: Do you have any advice for Heidi and her new baby?

I don't know. I only have envisioned raising boys, I'm no good dealing with girls. I just recall about the talk by sister Dalton on her advice. Share your testimony with them, share your testimony with others, make sure they know without a doubt that you know this is The church of Jesus Christ. Alma 56:48 - "We did not doubt our mothers (and fathers) knew it. I didn't ever doubt that, and when I doubted myself, that is a big part of what helped me to gain my own testimony. Thank you.

Oh, the tender mercies of the Lord. On Saturday we were out talking in the street for a while having very little success when we were prompted to say a prayer. We prayed that we would find someone that was open to hear us. I was about to head back into the High Street and Elder Mahendran wanted to talk to people on benches. I debated with myself then we went to people on benches. We talked to a couple people sitting down and had a good conversation but nothing tangible. Then we stopped a guy walking by and he was open to hear our message.

Yesterday we were finding and had prayed before we went out to find a new investigator. Next thing you know, a couple hours later we met George. George is a 19 year-old Pro Cyclist. He is very open to meet with us and asked where our Church is so he can come and said he feels good when he talks to us. He has looked into some religions but doesn't feel that witness of truth.

We are so excited to fill the hole in his heart that he may not know he has. PMG somewhere tells a story of a taxi driver that was converted. I already have a vision of him on the front page of - #1 Cyclist in the World - "I'm a Mormon." Haha, too bad we got our bikes stolen or I would dethrone him. We could have ridden with him to Church.

Jameson, congratulations! You are so lucky to go on a mission somewhere where the winters are not so cold. Haha. I love England.

This week I have been enjoying my study of the New Testament a lot. I still can't imagine why people reject the Book of Mormon when they match together so well. I really like to go through the four Gospels using the Bible Dictionary that compares them.

Love you guys,

Elder Larsen

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