Monday, November 7, 2011

The Spirit is Very Bold

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: What languages does Elder Mahendran speak? Johnny (cousin who works for the state department in India) wondered if he speaks Tamil.

Elder Mahendran speaks English, German, and .... Tamil.

Question #2: What MTC did Elder Mahendran go to? In the picture you sent it looked like you met him at the airport.

He went to the Preston England MTC, it's just that right now the mission office is being remodeled so we had to meet him in the Euston Rail Station.

Question #3: Do you speak with a British accent when you talk to Brits?

No, but people tell me that I will sound English when I go home. Lots of people say I don't sound American, but I think they expect a strong accent. Everyone here thinks that Americans pronounce their R's really hard and things.

It is getting a bit chilly here too, riding our bikes to church yesterday really woke me up. I already have a winter coat, I found it in the Cambridge flat. Still haven't used it though because I have my thermals and a sweater.

I had an experience with slowing down this week to listen to the Spirit. We were tracting and we were sharing with a lady about the Plan of Salvation. It wasn't really going anywhere until I took the time to listen to her and the Spirit. Then I asked, "Have you ever wondered where we came from and why we are here?" Then it opened up and we will see her tomorrow.

Mom, I think you should come and offer a meal after church. I bet if investigators knew they would be getting a home cooked meal from Mama Larsen they would be more inclined to come, haha. It can be a bit difficult when people don't understand the importance of this message and attending church. But we are here to help them understand how important it is and to make them feel welcome.

The week at church Craig and Ashleigh were confirmed and Craig received the Priesthood. I confirmed Craig and Elder Mahendran confirmed Ashleigh. It was amazing. I love how the Spirit can speak through us as Priesthood holders. I am confident that the blessing didn't come from myself. The Spirit is very bold. All of the sudden the words, "You will have the opportunity to go on a mission, listen to your leaders..." I am confident that he will serve a mission.

Yesterday we met someone and taught him a lesson. He's called Wayne. He is in the process of repenting and turning his life on the right path. I am so excited. We'll see him again tomorrow when we can dive into true repentance and that the first fruits of repentance is Baptism. How lucky we are as missionaries to help people on the path to Eternal Life so that they can enjoy the full blessings that Heavenly Father has for them.

Something interesting I read this morning was a talk by Dalllin H. Oaks. He said that other churches and religions can turn bad people into good people and good people into better, they can take people from Telestial to Terrestial. Only we can take people into the Celestial Kingdom, and baptism is the way.

Love you,

Elder Larsen

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