Saturday, September 22, 2012

They Are Shipping Me Up To Northampton

Dear Family,

Here are the answers to your questions.

Question #1: Have you ever had bangers and mash?

I think so, I'll have to check in the Tesco (grocery store) here to refresh my memory of what it is. I think it's just sausage with gravy and mashed potatoes, in which case I have had it.

Question #2: What kind of service have you been doing for people?

We cleaned a sister's fridge, ironed, took stuff to the dump, etc.

Question #3: What is the funniest thing that happened last week?

Remember when I told you about getting spit on, rock thrown at, companion swung at, etc? The same man this week ripped the Book of Mormon out of my hand while I was talking to a man on the street and then tried to walk straight into me another day (I dodged). It was funny. Every time I see him I kind of start to laugh. I need to hold it back or I'll have a Joey story.

Matt, a one handed snag? (In ultimate frisbee.) That is pleasing to hear. You better bulk up so Emma can't woman-handle you around. Haha.

Got a call this morning. They are shipping me up to Northampton. My new companion will be Elder Brownley from Canada (born in England). I've served around him recently and it's going to be great.

Replacing me here will be Elder Silva from Brazil which will be great because I seem to be great at finding great Brazilian people but terrible at speaking Portuguese. This past week I had some great conversation with a  Brazilian family of 3, I think I mentioned recently talking to a lady and having her daughter translate, it's the same family. This week they will bring the copies of the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and teach them.

I took a few pictures with some people as I was saying goodbye, I don't have the device to attach it to the compouter now, I may have it later or next week.

The member work here in Lea Valley has really been picking up. The Bishop trusts us a lot. We now teach a missionary preparation class.

I've really loved serving in Lea Valley. It can't quite surpass Cambridge, but I love it a lot.

I was just scrolling over your email and saw "Erik (Lexi's husband)." That just sounds weird.

It should be fun to jump back outside of London. I am excited for the new task. I will also finally be in a car area! My feet will have some rest!

Have a great week. I know the Saviour lives.

Elder Larsen

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