Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candy Finding

Dear Family,

Happy Birthday Mom!

Answers to your questions:

Question #1: What is your new address?

14C Marine Avenue
West Cliff - on - sea
England S50 7PS

Question #2: How is it that your new companion is only 18 years-old?

I guess for a couple of months they let 18 year-olds go from Brazil, yay...haha.

Question #3: What valuable lesson have you learned this week?

You have to get creative when things are tough, to make it fun. Finding with Elder Siano was hard because we simply haven't got along so well. So we went into the 99p shop and got some candy and did candy finding. That made it more fun. Music is very good as well to have peace.

I got the package, much appreciated. Later today we're going to take some pictures near the beach and what not, so hopefully next week I will send you some. On the beach there's an amusement park as well which I don't know if we can use or not.

Guess what? I have had a few people tell me that I sound posh and not so American. Of course it's skewed because the people over here are the ones that talk very unproper. I think it's just some of the words I use and I am well spoken. I just hope I keep my Cambridge accent and don't pick up the Essex one. Haha. Cheers, bruv.

Haha, doing laundry instead of going out, sounds familiar. (Mom's note: Joey wrote to Andy about what one of his companions did when they should have been out working.) There is always some excuse not to work. Let's just say that our flat is very clean. . . haha. Things are starting to get better. It's a slow process of course, but things are on the rise. Funnily enough, with my first 3 companions I felt like I learned a lot about what it would be like to be married. I think this one is more like what it will be like to have a teenager. Haha.

The best thing that happened this week was that we taught an inactive member (baptized at 15 and not been to church in 20 years) and we also taught her three children, 16 year-old boy, 13 year-old girl, and 11 year-old girl. They will all read the Book of Mormon and pray. The mom and the 13 year-old came to church and a fireside on Evidence of the Book of Mormon. We will teach them Wednesday and watch "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration". The kids are unbaptized by the way. . . not for long.

In this ward we get fed a lot because the previous missionary spent all his little working time with members. So we have like 5 or 6 dinner appointments this week. Awww. . . I just wanted to work. I love to work and each week there is improvement. This area has huge potential.

In the Book of Mormon Fireside we learned a lot about evidence of the Book of Mormon. Very fascinating. I wish I had more time to look more into that. We'll see if that helps us in teaching people or not. Maybe with some people a little evidence can help. One example of evidence is that there's a temple in Central America. It has different layers from rebuilding it and things and apparently they date the earliest layer to about 600 BC, hmmm, interesting. Another thing is that Native Indians can't grow beards yet they have drawings of people who do and what not. There's a book on it that must be pretty interesting.

Love you guys, have fun being 50.

Elder Larsen

P.S. Mom, there is a lady in the ward here that had a baby die soon after birth and she has trouble with it still. She says that what bothers her most is that she can't raise the child now. She wants to see him now. Everyone tells her that she will see him again but that doesn't do it for her. Maybe you could send me a letter about your experience and I could try to help her.

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